Explosions in the Sky

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A couple of tipsters write in:

“A set of fireworks went off between John Jay and Butler at around 2:30-3:00 [a.m.], with loud popping noises and red lights. Prepare for the requisite columbo/h&d e-mail asking for any information, blah, blah…”


“FIREWORKS JUST EXPLODED OUTSIDE MY WINDOW – 114TH Street bw. JJ and Butler, I’m freaking the fuck out.”

Bwog isn’t sure what’s going on, though we’ll surely ask around. As for now, though, we’re leaving it up to one of you anonymous commenters.


  1. Babies  

    They were just filming an NBC special. "New York Salutes Fireworks," will be appearing sometime in June. Keep your eyes peeled.

  2. title  

    nice title (if you're referencing the band)

  3. it was scary  

    but funny to watch half-naked mcbain dwellers with furrowed brows stick their heads out their windows. I'm sure we in JJ looked equally crazed.

  4. umm  

    Those living in John Jay should familiarize themselves with where McBain is, because your shafted asses will soon be living there. 113th and Broadway, southeast corner. Ruggles, perhaps?

  5. kinda creepy

    heh. explosions in the sky. clever.

  6. Maybe GS Spring Gala

    Maybe GS Spring Gala grande finale? Smoking CC out the dorms so they can actually have somewhere to live (other than cardboard boxes)

  7. there was  

    an empty, cylindrical container of some cheap-looking explosives on the ledge next to the stairs to 114th street, between john jay & butler.

  8. Old lady  

    I'll tell you who set off the fireworks - it was that damn Sasquatch.

  9. ruggles

    In the midst of the explosions I heard someone yell "Holy shit, MY EYES!"

  10. William Gladstone  

    I've found that fireworks are most often enjoyed by morons.

    Make of that what you will (MOTWYW).

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