Photo Contest Winners: This is the Rhythm of the Night

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cbgbIn our inaugural photo contest, Bwog got many good submissions (this editor’s Gmail quota is now three percent more depleted), which the great hive-mind of Bwog editors narrowed down to five nocturnal masterworks. First “prize” for best submission goes to Janna Herman, B’10, for “CBGB Closing Night.” Be sure to get your original photos in by next Sunday at midnight for round two – the theme is COMSUMPTION. After the jump, we round out the top five.





Runners up: 

#2: “Stay Alert for Foul Balls” (Janna Herman, B’10)



#3: “Untitled” (Neal Amin, C’08)



#4: “Untitled” (Suselina Acosta, C’07). 


#5: “Untitled,” Patrick Wolenter (Babson ’09)



Honorable Mention [received one Bwog editor’s first-place vote]: “Night Basketball” (David Iscoe C’09)


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  1. resolute  

    it would be nice to be able to see these bigger.

  2. ok

    and this has something to do with columbia how?

  3. night  

    night basketball is my favorite too

    but why are the players black

    • Are you blind?  

      The players are clearly white on a black background. The better question is, why is the guy with a stub for an arm guarding the long-armed mutant freak with the sweet wrist-action shot?

      • DHI  

        The subtext is that the small forward drew the big men out of the key and then made a quick dish to the center, who only had to flip it over the scrappy injured veteran to ice the game.


  4. oops  

    i thought the submissions needed to be about columbia

    alright i'm ready for this next one

  5. Nice job

    making the formatting better

  6. ummm...

    ...no offense guys, but these all...kind of...suck.

    Was hoping for better.

  7. hey  

    bwog can't help it if you guys didn't contribute better / more columbia related / columbian-taken shit.

  8. Submit

    your own and quit your bitching douche!

  9. Well,

    The first two photographs are pretty great. The third confuses me, but it could be because of the shitty res/size. The rest aren't anything special--although I give props to Iscoe's.

  10. JWeg  

    If you want great Columbia photography, just check out the Flickr group for CU:

    Here's one of my favorites: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hwangus/163938757/in/pool-columbiauniversity/

  11. flickr

    group is kinda lame past the first page.

  12. booo...  

    Neal Amin shoulda won...

  13. i'm pretty sure  

    there was nothing that said the photos had to be about columbia, only about night.

  14. I agree  

    Yes, I wish photo #4 won!

  15. scrooge  

    #3 is best, #1 is ok but a little cliche, #2 lacks a focal point or interesting subject.

  16. good eye  

    Was #3 taken with a cell phone?

  17. scrooge 2

    #1 is a good portrait, but i agree with the cliche part
    totally agree that #2 lacks a focal point. what's the subject, the beer or the baseball? doesn't matter...neither are very interesting
    #3 is cool, but i wish there was some cropping done
    #4 is allright, but the thing jutting out in the top third is kinda distracting

    #5, if cropped and reprinted with a better filter (if it's film and not digital) could be the best

  18. i think

    that some people forget that it's black and white photography...not grey photography.

    • what  

      exactly do you mean by that

      • oh..

        just that visually, greys are very boring. black and white adds contrast, which gets the picture to be much more interesting. personally, even though hot photographs (hot = all black and white, no grey) are a faux pas, i find them to be much better than an all grey picture.

        and 25/#3, if you ever reprint, maybe burn in the top with the lights? i know they're lights and all, but maybe a little burning because it's distracting.

        gah! i miss my cameras. if i had them, i'd shoot and submit for this (and if i'd ever get chosen, have people be like me and annoyingly critique my work)

  19. why  

    is number 3 even on there?
    4 is great, 5 is pretty cool but a boring composition.
    also, i think that the focal point in #2 is the baseball, and the beer is just sort of there. as if you were sitting in those seats during a game, you kind of look right past the beer.
    i think if the image were bigger (perhaps it is as a print?) it would do it better justice and make you feel as if you were inside the photo.

  20. inconsistency  

    why is patrick's name not in parentheses?

  21. Janna  

    ...thanks, bwog; i am honored!
    also, post #25 - that's exactly what i was trying to go for with the baseball photo. actual print is about 10''x10'', but i couldn't make it much bigger w/o losing too much contrast (even with filters) because it was shot with a holga & even though film was pushed, the negative was really thin.

  22. Neal  

    High contrast night shots are fine, but they get very repetitive and almost predictable... though you might find greys boring, it makes the picture feel more like a painting rather than a vivid action shot, which would have been inappropriate given the subject.

    And to whoever said that it needs to be cropped, well, frankly youre wrong.

    but cool, thanks for the comments, you can always count on bwog commenters for honest feedback

  23. all  

    y'all know nothin what you talkin bout.

  24. truth.org  

    Another win for BIG TOBACCO.

  25. Anonymous

    Great idea, BWOG!

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