Bwog Personals: Bwog and the City Edition

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Herewith, Bwog forces our humble co-editor and Monday daily editor under the hot spotlight of personal advertising. Like what you see? Email us at [email protected] and, if they like you back, we’ll spring five dollars for coffees at Hungarian or half of one espresso at Le Monde.

Girl for Guy
Guy for Guy


Year: Sophomore

School: CC

Hometown: Buffalo, the Queen City

What you’re looking for:
A jam!

Best Book You’ve Read for Class: I can’t say for sure. To the Lighthouse? 

Worst Book You’ve Read for Class: The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.

Most shameful thing you’ve ever done to procrastinate: Gone to sleep at 6pm and woken up at 2pm.

Drink of choice: That orange strawberry juice they sell in JJ’s and other places.

What are your most played songs on iTunes?

“The Gifted Children,” Neutral Milk Hotel

“I Think We’re Alone Now,” Tommy James & the Shondells”

“Intervention” (old), Arcade Fire

What do you wish were your most played songs on iTunes? I have no witty alternatives.

Favorite Morningside Heights Meal: Gelatinous fruit slices from HamDel

The title of your memoir: Recuerdo.

Dream date, 5 words or fewer: like me, but not really.

Stewart or Colbert? Stewart, I guess.

Name: Dan

Year: 2010

School: Columbia College

Intended major: History, film studies

Hometown: Farmington, CT

What you’re looking for: Good times, Jerri Blank-style, or someone who will watch “The Mole” on YouTube with me. Either or.

Best Book You’ve Read for Class: “The Remains of the Day,” Kazuo Ishiguro

Worst Book You’ve Read for Class: The time I pretended to have read “Don Quixote” was trying at best.

Most shameful thing you’ve ever done to procrastinate:  I watch a lot of E!, so one should assume that I have little shame. That said, the time I walked to 76th Street instead of writing a paper was kind of excessive.

Drink of choice: San Pellegrino Limonata; or, if I’m out, I’m a fiend for mojitos (per “Miami Vice”).

What are your most played songs on iTunes?

“Landed,” Ben Folds

“Missing (Remix By Hugo Nicolson),” Beck

“La Femme d’Argent,” Air

What do you wish were your most played songs on iTunes?

“Trapped in the Closet: Chapter 12,” R. Kelly

Any of the crazy instrumentals from “Notes on a Scandal”

“Edge of Seventeen,” Lindsay Lohan

Favorite Morningside Heights Meal: Deluxe burger with cheddar

The title of your memoir: “A Dan for All Seasons”

Dream date, 5 words or fewer: You swipe me on [your] MetroCard.

Stewart or Colbert? “The Simpsons”



  1. daddy warbucks  

    dan, i'll be your sugar daddy.

    find me on cragislist m4m random play

  2. Dan's lover  

    Dan, I'll make your night all night.

    P.S. I use a Pringles' can for protection.

  3. yoppp  

    hey looking for another hot young bro to chill with and see where things go. just want someone who likes laid-back fun. only masculine, inshape, sane dudes. send your face pic or face immediate deletion. also if you will smoke a cigar for me you move to the front of the line.


  4. richard reed parry

    katie and i are moving to williamsburg.

  5. yo that Dan guy  

    is he like, homosexual or something?

  6. oh damn.  

    damn, katie reedy.

  7. commentary  

    katie is hot, i want to do her

  8. winnie cooper

    ok. is it just me or was there a much hotter picture of katie up like ten minutes ago?

    also, kluge is giving me $1 million personally. ::does happy dance::

  9. tasti  

    Does BWOG really have nothing better to do than post useless crap like this on order to cover up their lack of real news?

  10. kluge drops....  

    mad money!!!

    400 million

  11. CML  

    How dare you finger this as useless. It's a gossip blog.

    And Dan's profile fills me with indescribable joy.

  12. dsz  

    bwog, I love you but you are obscenely masturbatory.

  13. look out  

    bwog's about to cum!

    That said, Katie Reedy is georgeous.

  14. Hey Dani  

    Want one? I'm sure Bwog would oblige.

  15. I would say  

    I would say that Dan is a douche had he not quoted MV

  16. hmm  

    dan's cute, but who would ever seriously respond to one of these?

  17. CML  

    A professed predilection for "To The Lighthouse" is a mild turnoff, but nothing on the order of putting "The Da Vinci Code" in your "Favorite Books" section of your Facebook profile.

  18. JJ5  

    my khati is all grown up!

  19. hmmm  

    now, im not opposed, but bwog you just deleted a comment! that is kinda fucked up

  20. tt money  

    this girl is THE jam

  21. hello dan


    i also especially like it when bwog tells me that i did not pass the human-verification test.

  22. That guy  

    is mad gay yo.

  23. dan's wife  

    as long as there's no glassware involved, dan is an excellent catch.

  24. Classmate

    Lets random play. I'm that guy that sits behind you in class. Turn around & I'll wink at you sometime

  25. Classmate

    oh, & I'm taking to you, Dan. Love you Katie, but not into the ladies

  26. no surprise  

    if these two were attractive, they would not have this advertisement posted on the bwog. case closed.

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