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Yes, we’re ripping off a Slate feature. Get over it.

We learned last week that Financial Aid Director David Charlow had been making some strategic investments with his money—specifically, $100,000 worth of stock in StudentLoanXPress, which was on Columbia’s list of lenders that it recommended to students financing their education. Since then, the company has been removed from the list, and Charlow has dropped off the face of the earth (Bwog received an e-mail from Dean Eleanor Daugherty of Student Affairs warning us not to try to contact her former colleague). Although apparently kickbacks from lenders to college administrators is not exactly new.

We did find the PDF comparing all the loan programs before StudentLoanXPress disappeared, and if you haven’t had to wade through the financial aid system, it’s pretty befuddling. A glance at the lower right hand corner, however, seems like a clue to the problem…



  1. bigger pictures  

    bigger pictures bwog! I can't read that at all.

  2. PLEASE  

    Reprint the email from Eleanor Daugherty.

  3. Elly Daugherty  

    Elly is the worst administrator at Columbia. Her job is to silenced students eho can impact change. I hate her.

  4. Yes and...  

    I would love to see the bicth take on Bollinger on Student's freedom of speech. Elly Daugherty is fake!

  5. seriously

    srsy why can't bwog talk to Charlow ???

  6. ANGRY  

    Yes, I am angry. I can't even get my bloody WORK-STUDY grant extended, and Charlow is making a profit from the same administration. I mean, I cannot get money to WORK! It makes me sick to my stomach to think of the incompetancy of the financial aid office and their totally biased and hardline approach towards grant-based aid.

    • try this  

      call the financial aid office (not the work study office). say that you were told to talk to Annie about getting an increase. i did, the person at the desk (never transferring me to anyone) asked for my CUID/SSN, i gave it, they said i could have another $500.

      now if only they would give me an actual check (by the time i get it, it will have been six weeks without getting paid).

      • X.J.  

        You're right on this one. Columbia's got a lot more work study money than they actually spend-- a lot of work study eligible students are either working non-WS jobs (bartending, student enterprises, etc) or are not working at all, so that money is up for grabs if you need to increase your allocation.

  7. corruption  

    out the wazoo...

  8. reprint  

    the e-mail bwog. they have no right to silence student journalism. i wonder if charlow knows stuff about other administrators and they might try to pay him off.

  9. Mc Fister

    Fucking Hilarious.

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