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sfsOn a lunchtime walk, Bwog found…

Westside Market is almost back, opening soon on 110th! Will D’Agostino survive?











And this spiffy spot, Thai Market on Amsterdam at around 107th. Thai goodness in the post-Saigon Grill era.

Plus, some exciting news for sophomores juniors after the jump…


Found in an EC elevator.  




  1. you mean  

    "exciting news for juniors"...right? "400 days" is a reference to 400 days till graduation.

  2. jds  

    do you mean juniors?

  3. Lydia  

    Yes. Bwog can't count. And by Bwog I mean me.

  4. btw  

    not to plug the Shaft but since senior re-group just started and people were wondering "anxious"-ly about Woodbridge, there's still 45 left as of now:

  5. artopolis  

    when is artopolis opening?

  6. New student  

    Is Westside Market cheaper than D'Ag?

  7. senior  

    westside market is a little slice of heaven, my child.

  8. umm  

    almost every other grocery store around here is cheaper than d'ag. yech.

  9. Huh  

    Morton Williams seems more 'spensive on the basics.

    • what?  

      morton williams has milk cheaper or equivalently priced as dag.
      morton williams has several cheaper beers (stalla is usually about 8 bucks a 6 pack which is one of the cheapest in the neighborhood).
      bread at dag is also more expensive.
      now i've just listed the only three items i consistently buy and so i beg to disagree with you.

      • are you kidding?  

        beer at morton williams is mad overpriced. i don't know what the beer prices are like at d'agostino, but 8 bucks (probably 9 after tax and deposit) for a six of stella is no great bargain. rite aid has much better prices (eg 12 of yuengling for 10 bucks), and appletree is probably cheaper too.

  10. n00b  

    where is the cheapest place for sandwich meats?

  11. v1r3L h4x0r  

    fuck j00 n00b

  12. appletree  

    has relatively expensive beer. 7.99 for a 6 pack of stella artois is hardly overpriced in this city.
    riteaid is cheaper for beer but they don't have anywhere near as many good beers as say dag or morton. riteaid is awesome if you want to stock up on say coors or something (i've still got 3 18-packs lying around from when it was on sale for ten bucks)

  13. fairway,

    however, is amazing. i was skeptical of everyone that went there until I went the first time a week ago. Huge family rack (like 8 pieces) of Murray's chicken cutlets for like $10, the same price as Morton's 3 piece Murray's chicken cutlets. Worth the cab ride back to Morningside. I'm a convert.

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