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$400 million

University Cold on Hot Jazz (ADP’s statement after the jump)

Stoffel Leads SGA Poll, Spec Happy

Not about Porn:

“Molly Shannon, Doggy Style”; “Swashbuckling Can’t Save Pirates

Pitching A Softball Strength, Hardball Weakness

“Friendly Fire” Not Bad on the Home Front

A Tragedy Averted! 

ADP released a strongly worded letter to Spec regarding the cancellation of Hot Jazz.  It’s too long to reprint in full, but here’s the main idea:

Hot Jazz is an ADP and Columbia tradition that has been held for 20 years without incident.”

“The University, now that it has decided to observe building code, needs to take efforts to upgrade the brownstones so they meet the requirements necessary to be considered an assembly space, allowing them to hold events with larger capacities. Unless this happens, the University is essentially encouraging illegal parties (and by extension, underage drinking), as groups with on campus houses would be unable to properly register events with the University.”

 “For starters, this [the enforcement of the rules] would spell the end of Greek life, but it has farther-reaching implications for other student groups. Greek organizations with houses would no longer be able to safely and legally run events in their homes, negating the value of the house itself.”

“Limiting gatherings in such a manner would promote an insular Greek community in which everyone only socializes at their own house and limits their involvement in the greater Columbia community, calling to question the benefits of having a Greek system on campus at all.”

      “We are not blaming the University for observing the laws that are in place to protect the welfare of its students. Rather, we are holding them accountable for their lack of oversight, the lack of communication between departments and for the slow pace with which they correct problems.”



  1. noooooo!  

    The question is:::Is there going to be a secret alternative "hot jazz"?

    I think this calls for a revolt of some kind.

  2. eyeroll  


  3. wondering

    "end of greek life"
    what greek life? of course there's greek life for the few people who join frats and sororities, but its not exactly a presence in most people's lives

    • DHI  

      I don't think they're referring to fraternities or sororities but rather the extinction of humanity in Greece and the systematic murder of first- and second-generation Greek immigrants elsewhere. I might be misreading it though, maybe that's not what they're accusing Columbia of.

    • I dunno  

      That article makes it seem like they get it now. ("Staff members from Jester-whose brand of humor editor in chief Sam West, CC '08, called "totally off the wall, absurd, not grounded in reality at all," in Jan. 2006-couldn't quite get their story straight.")

  4. Sprinkles  

    John Kluge for Class Day speaker...

  5. GMorris  

    The fuckers bought it!

  6. DAMN YOU  


  7. first 40 days

    now a real tradition! columbia hates its undergrads.

  8. Non-Greek

    "For starters, this [the enforcement of the rules] would spell the end of Greek life"

    And this would be a bad thing...how?

    Also, I doubt the university is going to contribute any significant amount of time and money to UPGRADING your precious BROWNSTONES so that you can hold parties there before they improve the conditions in regular residences that most lowly, mere dorm-living Columbia students have to deal with on a daily basis...

    • Yeah  

      My Wien sink spews brown water every day.

    • Brownstones

      are upgraded and maintained by the University regularly according to set procedures. They are under the obligation to make the brownstones safe. The university has an interest in maintaining valuable residences that it owns.

      • the  

        brownstones are not up to fire safety regulations to permit public assembly over around 50 people. that means that currenty public gathers (parties, battle of the bands, etc.) are illegal. the university has a duty to adhere to fire regulations.

        • fuck Keith Hernandez  

          Fuck the University's duties. Who asked them anyways? Dumbfucks at ADP, that's who.

          Don't let them know anything. Hot Jazz is by invitation anyways. Keep em in the dark. And get all of the patrol officers on the take.

          Admin getting in your hair is a signal only of your own incompetence.

  9. o snap  

    Why no link to the Kulawik article? Much better than the last boring recycling one. AND He calls the Dems "too far to the right."

  10. And then  

    Columbia bitches about low alumni donations, and senior student gov't members complain that no seniors want to give to Senior Fund - its because of shit like this. Students dont like when the administration fucks them over and makes their time here less enjoyable, which is what cancelling 40s day and cancelling Hot Jazz are doing.

    Not to mention the fact that Columbia is cracking down on greek life in general this seemester (and yes, some of us do care about that - there are hundreds of students in fraternities and sororities, and many who aren't who still spend time in our brownstones and come to our parties). After Columbia consistently messing with my senior year, I'm considerably less likely to give back to the school post graduation...



  12. HAHAHA  

    Jester wins!

    There's no way CUSJ has that kind of creativity.

  13. Wow  

    Alex & Sam (or whoever still thinks this prank is funny): you guys have far, far too much time on your hands.

  14. mlp  

    I'm not sure how it's possible to make a brownstone safe for 400 people, and the University really doesn't have a choice about enforcing the law, but if they cancel the event with such short notice (especially since they allowed it to happen in the recent past), they should at least provide ADP with the money needed to host at another venue.

  15. Don Imus  

    I fully support CUSJ.

  16. did  

    no one else find it funny that hot jazz will be violating "fire regulations?"

    I guess no one else enjoys puns anymore.

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