1. while we're at it  

    can people complain so that barnard is separate from columbia? thanks!

  2. jimmy donuts  

    Honestly, you guys are such wusses when it comes to this.

    Vote Niko Cunningham!

  3. chillout tent

    sweet. another bwog post encouraging gs vs. cc/seas bitchery. this time, it's about a bug on a redesigned website. well done!

    and i'm expecting niko to run away with this thing.

  4. silly goose  

    it makes no sense creating a seperate barnard network, as barnard girls have COLUMBIA email addresses and will continue to be on the columbia network while joining a second barnard network.

  5. McFister

    A warm welcome from the college that brought you Matt Sanchez.

  6. just got this email  

    just got this email from facebook:


    We are aware of the problem that you described. We hope to resolve this glitch as soon as
    possible. Sorry for any inconvenience. Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Thanks for contacting Facebook,

    Customer Support Representative

  7. jimmy donuts  

    Haha...Matt Sanchez, oh its funny because its true.
    Seriously, Niko will run away with this thing, mark my words. Have you seen the man debate? Sentences like a fucking French rapier, thurst bleed slash boy! Fer shizz...

  8. actually  

    all barnard girls have both columbia and barnard email addresses. they can pick which to use.

  9. hmmm  

    meh, I vote inconsequential. hardly worth a bwog post.

    full disclosure: i'm in seas

  10. elitist  

    How are CC/SEAS guys going to properly stalk Barnard chicks if we aren't in the same network? Guys, think about it.

  11. fixed  

    they fixed it...it says Columbia now.

  12. true

    you're right. gs students couldn't care less how you insecure cc/seas kids feel about barnard. unlike you rich prestige whores, we're all just happy to be here.

  13. barnard girl

    I know it's somewhat pointless to have a separate Barnard Network, but I'd like it.

  14. hmm  

    now it just says columbia. why oh why doesnt it say Columbia University in the City of New York???

  15. member jump  

    i love how the size of the network has grown by 40 people in the past 6 hours

  16. events  

    since clubs/events involve multiple undergraduate schools, they need to all be in the same network

  17. #7er  

    Actually, I'm SEAS.

    My favorite "insult" that CC/SEAS kids get is "you're rich". Oh no, you're better off than me, SLAM!

    I see the same thing in Barnard and GS: The bright ones are proud of their standing and claim it, the dim ones cling to names and call CC/SEAS kids pretentious pricks.

    If by reading that you got really upset, then you know where you sit.

  18. An end to the debate

    Anyone have this GS hag in their class? She's still lurking around campus http://www.ericajackson.com/

  19. probably not  

    freshmen...you egotistical upperclassman

  20. Actually...

    You can create a subnetwork for Barnard- it'll be within the columbia network but will list barnard college as the "networks" name on profiles with @barnard.edu addresses.

    Claremont McKenna has the same thing with FIVE schools together under "one" network.

    It's doable. clearly Barnard students haven't agitated enough about facebook's ruthless suppression of their identity.

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