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    what's up with this:

    I think financial aid should be given to American students first. 46%


    xenophobic know-nothings!

    • Agreed  

      People don't realise that Financial Aid is NOT need-blind for International Students. So a lot of kids are afraid to ask for financial aid, because selection becomes ultra-competitive when you're in a pool of kids from around the world competing for the few spots that offer aid. And a lot of brilliant kids from around the world are turned down because they can't foot the bill.
      One step in ensuring we're in the same league as the Harvards & the Princetons is making International Student Financial aid non-need blind, as they do.

  2. Cool Picture  

    That hourglass reminds me of this Sufi mystic painting they hung at my favorite Persian restaurant. What is it?

  3. WTF?  

    Why did they print a pre-frosh article when it isn't even good. How did applying early specifically allow the kid to "write an essay about Jim Gilchrist and the Minuteman incident specifically for Columbia, take more time to answer application questions, and procure an extra recommendation from a law professor"?
    It seems applying early would deny you an extra two months you could use to secure recommendations and spend writing an essay, wouldn't it.
    Then he talks about early admissions being a ploy to accept a bunch of students in the fall so fewer students are accepted in the spring, thereby lowering the admit rate. He nor the editorials board of Spec considered that that sounds fishy? The admit rate is quite simply all admitted students divided by all applications for the year. That's all. When you apply or when you're accepted doesn't change anything. Otherwise any school could accept everyone that applies early and take one kid in the spring and have a rate very close to zero. Doesn't that sound dumb?
    Damn pre-frosh for getting ahead of the game and damn Spec for not knowing anything about what they write or bothering to check articles to see if they even make sense before publication.

    • yeah  

      I had the same thought, and I do still think it's a legitimate criticism. I would qualify it, though -- only a fraction of admitted students end up matriculating. I'm sure the fraction is mostly predictable, and schools admit the number of students they believe will result in the right class size. So Columbia lets in 1200 to get a class of 1000 or something similar. Now, if half the class isn't subject to that uncertainty, then they can admit fewer students regular decision. Say 500 are admitted early, then to get a class of 1000 when only 80% of non-bound admittees matriculate, then you only need to let in 500/.8=625, for a total of 1125 admitted students (as opposed to the 1200 originally). Application numbers are the same as they would be, but fewer people are let in.

      • it's called Yield

        Usually used as a measure of a school's desirability. For example, Harvard has a ridiculous yield of over 80%. No one comes close. Columbia's "RD" yield is somewhere in the 40's by contrast.

        Whatever, I got in RD and could care less about what some high school senior with ZERO perspective has to say. Look back after 4 years and you'll realize that the college admissions "process" is probably the most overhyped "life decision" out there. You'll get past it very quickly- everyone does.

  4. also  

    I think his point might have been about financial aid.
    I also think he forgot to really make it.

  5. lol  

    Too bad the cartoon is not linked on the Spec website. For the first time in years, it is genius.

  6. Don Imus  

    "Columbia guys suck" only because sorority girls are nappy-headed hos.

  7. Pathetic

    The SDT match-making article made me wretch. I can't believe they invited that bitch to speak.

  8. the best  

    part of the SDT article is that the girl they were talking about was a barnard student too. you nappy headed hos really are here just for your MRS

  9. ick  

    That pre-frosh business was just sort of sad, no? Also wtf is some high school senior going to say about the Minutemen that's of any interest to anyone ever?

    Also depressing - the letter from the editor in the last Eye.
    Bummers all around.

  10. Julia  

    That matchmaker needs to step into the year 2007. First of all, my Jewish father and former "shiksa" mother, as she would call who I see as an upstanding woman, have been happily married for 25 years. That makes me living proof that Jewish men DO indeed marry "shiksas" and get along just fine. And come on, has she never met an interracial couple? Or anyone who's dated or married outside their "tribe?" Pathetic. New York is the last place I'd expect to hear such closed-mindedness. And here she is telling our generation how to act. I shudder to think how many people have been influenced by Janis Spindel's sad, misinformed opinions.

    • why?  

      Although I agree that Spindel is an idiot, you say "New York is the last place I'd expect to hear such closed-mindedness."
      Why is that? I am from the deep south and have heard just as much racism here than back home.

  11. yay cuarts  

    the art train rocks!!

  12. Stupid  

    I don't get what the argument for giving Americans priority in Financial Aid is. In terms of what int'l students bring to campus,
    1) Their money is as good as anybody's
    2) They'd never choose more than 10 from a given country (as opposed to more than 10 from each US state), so they're likely to be on top of their game and contribute more
    3) John W. Kluge was an international student who wouldn't have come here w/o financial aid.

    so those Flag-waving, chest-thumping fools need to do a little better than argue that they deserve more aid on the grounds of being American

    • they

      speak better english.

    • Sprinkles  

      Actually, Kluge was an immigrant who lived in America when he began at Columbia, not an international student. He actually started his undergraduate career at Wayne State University in Detroit before coming to Columbia. But it is true that without financial aid, he would not have come here.

      However, the situation back in 1934 was different than it is in 2007. The demographic profile of students has changed drastically.

  13. Feds

    Feds would get mad if you didn't help needy Americans first

  14. Sprinkles  

    Also, international students are making the choice to attend a foreign school when for many of them there are alternatives in their own country. For many of them, the cost of a domestic university is amazingly low compared to Columbia tuition. And it works in both ways - American students at many foreign universities pay more than their domestic counterparts. All of us American students could have gone to state schools and kept thousands in our pockets for hookers and blow, but we chose private college education. Sorry, Columbia can't be called an agent of oppression this time.

  15. self-hating person

    But Columbia is the cause of evil in the world! That's why I applied and accepted admission!

    • Niko

      Niko is fucking lunatic. It'll be a tough race, Gabby's got the JTS vote down pat but Niko's got the name recognition.

      I voted for Niko because he'll crash and burn hard. It'll be hilarious

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