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It’s official! SEAS Dean Galil brings good tidings of the engineering school’s class day speaker in the latest Zvi-mail, as follows:

Hi All,

It is with great enthusiasm that I share with you the following news. This year’s Class Day speaker will be the world famous architect/civil-engineer/artist  Santiago Calatrava. He has designed the Transportation Hub that is being built in lower Manahattan, the Athens Olympic Stadium and dozens of marvelous bridges and buildings all over the world. Last year the Met had an exhibition of his works of art (paintings/sculptures/pottery/design).

If you want to learn more, Google him.

Dean Galil 

Dean Galil has picked quite the man for his final class day speaker at Columbia. Bwog has done the Googling for you, and it looks like Calatrava is big enough to have an official website and unofficial website, so take your pick.

Seems like he’s bound to be a hit with SEAS students — perhaps he can do the rest of the university community a favor and fix Lerner while he’s at it.

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  1. Pray,  

    Share with us the results of thine googling

  2. dsz  

    Come on -- the undergraduate architecture department is CC, not SEAS...

    (But hey, not bad; that's the second time he'll be on campus this semester!)

  3. mechanic  

    Both of his sons are actually students in SEAS. Also,yes he is an architect, but he knows how to build a structure that will be able to stand, be affordable and functional. Which is generally not of the average architect.

  4. Civil Engineer  

    SEAS is building quite the special relationship with Santiago Calatrava. I'm sure Galil and Meyer are thrilled.

  5. Sprinkles  

    He's awesome.

    Ben Bradlee, Santiago Calatrava...Matt Fox.

  6. Elna

    Santiago Calatrava? How wonderful!

  7. cc'er  

    wow. And we got someone who's lost?

  8. architecture student  

    can i sneak into the SEAS class day event after the CC one is over?

  9. i think  

    that Calatrava is also designing an amazing new building in Chicago...to further cement the Greatest City in the World's reputation as having the greatest skyline in the world.

  10. wow.  

    this man's work looks amazing.

  11. His WTC  

    Transit Hub is designed to look like a bird being released from a child's hand. nuts.


    This year’s GS Class Day Speaker is Deborah Marshall, GS ’79.

    Currently listed in The Best Lawyers in America in the fields of Corporate Law and Securities Law, Ms. Marshall is a director of the San Francisco-based law firm, Howard Rice Nemerovski Canady Falk and Rabkin, where she chairs the Business Department and serves on the Management Committee. She concentrates her practice on business counseling for emerging growth technology companies, life sciences companies, venture funds and technology-based, multinational corporations.

    Ms. Marshall is a frequent speaker on issues related to venture capital, emerging growth companies, life sciences, public securities and entrepreneurship.

    ((Appropriate but perhaps a tad conservative for the school that produced Jane Jacobs, Langston Hughes, Donald Judd, Isaac Asimov etc))

  13. Pako  

    hmm this guy or Jack

  14. how?  

    how do you come to the conclusion that his structures are impractical. besides the fact that he studied civil engineering means he knows how to build a practical structure in the technical sense. his buildings are certainly that or they wouldnt be built. now if you think he doesn't adequately use space or some crap like that, that's his architectural side

    • agreed  

      he/she probably read it off the wiki that Calatrava has been criticized for being impractical.

      for example, a bridge that he built had glass tiles that would become slippery in the region's climate.

      but to say that the bridge is largely impractical ignores the fact that it is a structural and engineering feat to build something that lets you cross over water (with a payload of thousands of tons).

  15. angry at CC  

    that is SO not fair. SEAS gets a world-class architect and we get . . .?


  16. Anonymous  

    who wants to bet when the "calatrava doesn't speak for me" buttons come out?

  17. i for one  

    would sell my firstborn child to live here:


  18. clarification  

    1. Hughes studied engineering at Columbia. Didn't like his university life though and didn't finish.

    2. SEAS was founded in 1863 under the name, The School of Mines.

  19. I like how

    CC kids think it's unfair that we get a world-renowned person as speaker. Because, you know, SEAS is obviously inferior, so why the hell do they even have a speaker in the first place? Have fun listening to Matthew Fox blabber on about his magnificent six-pack, assholes.

    • not really  

      it's not that CC kids don't think SEAS kids should get a world-renowned speaker, it's that we think it's unfair that we did not get a world-renowned speaker. clearly SEAS is not inferior, and CC kids don't believe that is. get over yourself.

      • not not really  

        "clearly SEAS is not inferior, and CC kids don't believe that is."

        i'd have to say that i'm glad that there is such an enlightened point of view floating around, but it is unrealisticly optimistic

        do i have to remind you of the ego-inflating, inferiority/superiority complex provoking event when CC admissions rates were released?

        additionally, do you actually read the bwog? if you do, you'd find that SEAS is the favorite whipping boy of many bwog contributors...who are coincidentally mostly CC students

  20. wirc  

    Yeah the criticism is pretty strange, and likely from wikipedia. It's copied over to a few places related to Bilbao, and it seems to be all written by this jackass, who must have an axe to grind:
    It's all about the glass bricks, it seems.

  21. Miguel

    la Barqueta, el Alamillo!

  22. CC vs. SEAS  

    SEAS as an Engineering school may not be as well established and selective as CC is a liberal arts school, but I don't CC kids walk around thinking they're smarter than SEAS kids, save for a few humanities douchebags who think they're smarter than everyone anyway.

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