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sfsfWell, Barnard and GS students voted yesterday for their new student councils, both comfortably missing the Spec news cycle, although they’ve now got the SGA results online (all hail President Stoffel!). We’re all going to have to wait till Monday to learn who emerged victorious from the Niko vs. Gabby dogfight–which had some fun shenanigans–while the Dean of Students, in a routine procedure, reviews the results. In the meantime, you can re-watch the debates on their spiffy website

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  1. Amazing  

    Wow, Bwog missed yet another opportunity to acknowledge the results of the ABC election. You'd think they'd be more appreciative of their funding. Unbelievable.

    • chill the fuck out  

      Who cares about ABC elections? Bwog can choose what it wants to cover, and in this case it decided that a highly undemocratic election of student bureaucrats was not worthy of intrigue.

      "You'd think they'd be more appreciative of their funding. Unbelievable."

      Do you realize the implications of this argument? Seriously, since when did the governing boards deserve this much power? This is not the first time some asshole commenter has threatened Bwog's funding on the basis of what it covers and what it does not cover (cough: ESC). Stop being obnoxious.

      • when  

        did ESC threaten bwog? this looks like a delicious controversy, if it proves to be true...

        • well,  

          It was more like a thinly-veiled attack by a commenter (probably Dan Okin) who wrote something like the following...

          "interesting. because members of esc have fought to keep bwog afloat after its numerous debacles as a fledgling blog. oh well, looks like next time, those fights will be better off going in the other way."

          The funny thing is, Bwog is totally independent and costs almost nothing to publish. It's the B&W that's, sadly, heavily dependent on ABC money, but that doesn't mean they have to go whore themselves to all the governing boards.

      • No one  

        No one's threatening their funding. The point is, if I were on Bwog, I wouldn't want to ignore my governing board and/or piss them off, that's all.

  2. ABC

    was mostly uncontested. Eh. Apparently GSSC results won't be available til Tuesday, maybe.

  3. well  

    to be fair, bwog sort of ccsc-centric

  4. well  

    to be fair, Columbia's sort of Columbia College centric

  5. vandiddle  

    Gabby v. Niko shenanigans, eh?

    Shall we be so lucky next year to see Part 3? I can't wait for the movie version.

  6. chooseyourtradition  

    Have you seen the blog?


  7. senior  

    technically, bwog is ENTIRELY independent of abc. this was done for legal purposes, bwog didn't want to be censured by the university, so they decided to claim independence, and so, for better or for worse, they've gotten it. #4 is correct, the B&W does depend on abc, but bwog doesn't. bwog can cover whoever and whatever they feel is important.

  8. Geezer  

    Thanks, Bwog. We like you better than Barnard, too.

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