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sgfWe know, we usually leave events for the events bar, but we just wanted to point out the shit ton of things going on this week. This weekend is CCO, Days on Campus (welcome prefrosh!), the Broadway street fair (right now–get enough grease and cheap underwear for the next year), and the Dems convention. This week is Earth Week, a week of action on Darfur, a week of action on Katrina (watch out for Tyvek suits!), and Bacchanal, plus the MSA is putting on a ton of events. On Tuesday, Lucha and Filasteen will be constructing a giant wall across College Walk to protest barriers on the Mexican and Israeli borders respectively (the best part: we’ve heard that LionPAC reserved the Sundial for the same time). On Wednesday, Amnesty International is organizing a Darfur refugee camp on the Plaza, while SCEG throws a “Manhattanville Information Session” on the Sundial. 

Just so you know.  

UPDATE, Sunday, 8:45 AM: Facebook has informed us that it’s also Greek Week and Barnard Spirit Week. Too much, we tell you, too much.


  1. So...  

    You're telling me I will have to ignore people handing out fliers for something I'm already against, jump a wall put up in protest against things I don't agree with, and walk through a refugee camp for a cause I've already given money to, just to get to class on Tuesday?
    Spectacular. I'm all for clever protests, but Event Planning where's your head at? It's not possible to do this things on different days?

    • damn  

      is it really that big a deal that you're going to have to walk past a tent on your way to class? If it really bothers you that much, pick up the free coffee & food platters on offer. At worst, you'll be asked to sign a pre-written letter to a congressperson, which you can refuse.

      • No no  

        That's not the point. The point is that person doesn't want some kind of unofficial protest-festival all on the same day. Which is a moot point, because according to #5, they're not all going to be the same day anyways.

  2. bwog...  

    could really use a good kick in the ass. where's the SGA and GSSC election results? you cover the dems but not two student councils... sigh.

  3. I hate  

    fucking craptivists.

  4. Actually,  

    the refugee camp is Wednesday-Thursday, and there's a speaker panel Thursday featuring Jack Snyder (a Poli-Sci & Human Rights prof), a speaker from the UN & from EmergencyUSA, a humanitarian group.

  5. Amnesty  

    chose that day for a symbolic and practical reason: Holocaust memorial happens around the same time (last year's camp vigil commemorated victims of genocides from the past & featured readings from Holocaust poetry). Hillel & other groups will also be participating in the event. Also, AmnestyUSA's "get on the bus" day of action for human rights happens on Friday, so this is a build-up for that. But I take your point about the overdose of activism.

  6. Earth Week  

    Earth Week has tons of great events all week with free food. Including free Bhakti Club dinner Monday at 6:30 in Low for climate change lecture/debate featuring Prof. Peter Eisenberger and Prof. Graciela Chichilnisky.

  7. BC student  

    It is also Spirit Day & Greek Games at Barnard this week

  8. Also  

    There is a huge Nor'easter coming with torrential rain and high winds...that’ll be here tonight, tomorrow especially, and through Monday morning. Awesomeness!

    Perhaps I should invest in an umbrella...

  9. MSA  

    If you want to see the list of events the MSA is putting on this week, please visit http://www.columbia.edu/cu/msa/announcements.shtml.


  10. Anonymous  

    they plan it that way! all events on same day? yes, to simply overwhelm us with a gabillion distractions that we lose sight of the fact that school is at the overwhelming sucky awful part that makes you want to drop out. but its not even spring yet, really. the weather is about to suck for a while. so they attempt is already failing. and school is sucking.

  11. last night  

    people were reading names of victims on the sundial. what was that about?

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