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This morning Bwog groggily pulled open the shades, groaned, and fell back into bed, just like you. Now which one of you incurred God’s wrath?

Well whatever sin you committed to bring on the storm, we forgive you, and here are eight things you can do to pass this Sunday so you don’t go nuts.

8. Take a kayak across Lerner Lake to Barnard Bayou for free barbeque, indie rock, and love at the now-inside WBAR bash!

7. Take the pre-frosh to the tunnels or just tell them bogus legends. Take bets to see how much they believe.

6. Taxes? Do any of you actually have finances to consider? You could also spend this time determining how fucked you are because of corrupt loan lenders.

5. Read the crazy entries on Go Ask Alice.

4. Recite the mantra “April showers bring May flowers.” Or just acknowledge it in passing.

3. Use up your extra meals and/or dining dollars having a feast in John Jay. We suggest making one big plate of waffles for the table, adding ice cream and granola, and digging in.

2. Try to determine whether or not you’re actually in a relationship with your significant other, as the relationship status section on Facebook has been on the fritz lately. Zuckerberg, don’t funk with our hearts.

1. Make your hall lounge into a communal hang-out spot for once.


  1. other things to do  

    someone else please write my paper so that I can graduate

  2. Geoffrey  

    Whan that Aprille with hise shoures soote
    The drainage of school hath clogged to the roote
    And bathed every shoe with swich water
    Of which stinky boots is the flower

    • not just columbia  

      nyc's sewage system is combined with its storm runoff pipes, so when there are high precipitation events, Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO) happens. the wastewater treatment plants are backed up right now, so expect standing water on the streets (and on campus) and a sewage odor emitting from the drainage events.

      3. you can only use one meal or a certain amount of points per run at john jay dining hall...and each run is all you can eat. don't you mean use all your excess dining dollars at jj's place?

  3. Haha

    Bwog: Thanks for this. It was cute, well intentioned, and it made me smile, even in this weather.

    Geoffrey: You're a smug, pretentious son-of-a-bitch but I still want more.

  4. agreed  

    i liked this one, bwog. just what i needed today.

  5. dear bwog  

    can you please arrange a day or some sort of mechanism whereby freshmen can donate meals to upper-classmen? we know they have them, we just dont want to be creepy and beg. much obliged.

  6. Beat them  

    out of their meals. Columbia needs a good initiation ritual.

  7. Anonymous  

    You guys could just play outside. It's refreshing.

  8. Agreed  

    Great post, Bwog.

  9. spelling nazi  


    yikes! i feel so bad correcting this post because it's so nice :)

  10. aaa

    this video is disgusting. it doesn't seem like a joke at all, either. please remove, bwog.

  11. KER  

    Video deleted. Sorry we didn't catch it sooner.

  12. April  

    is the cruelest month.

  13. eliot spelling nazi

    breeding lilacs out of the deadland, mixing
    memory and desire, stirring
    dull roots with spring rain.


  14. i love it  

    this was such a cute post, bwog. #2 was the best, I was actually pretty concerned about that last night.

  15. glad it's gone  

    that video was unkind. let's just say it involved a racial slur.

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