Rainy Dayz on Campus

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iiuyYou may be holed up in your rooms, cozily finishing up homework and recovering from the weekend, but hundreds of high school seniors have work to do: deciding whether they want to join us. Bwog stopped by the activities fair in Roone Arledge, filled with terrified-looking prefrosh and bright-eyed, bushytailed club leaders noshing on brownies and cookies. Hurry! Net them now, before they settle into their activities, never to be recruited again! 

Will Columbia’s yield on its record-breakingly low admit rate be spoiled because of the rain? Not if Columbia student groups can help it.




  1. days  

    this has gotta be the worst possible day for DoC.

  2. well  

    The DoC activities fair seems pretty worthless to the clubs themselves. A fraction of the attendees will actually go to Columbia, and even those who do will abandon their high school email addresses for shiny new UNIs. I feel like it's less of a recruitment to a specific club than a recruitment to the University.

  3. ughh  

    i was just looking for hot first years on their facebook group. though i was dismayed by not being able to see profiles due to some facebook oversight, i am sure, i was horrified by, well...

    this: "does anyone not like catcher in the rye?"

    the books discussion...AHHHH filthy crock of pretentiousness and naiveté. the catcher in the rye? YOU DISGUST ME!

  4. i liked  

    catcher in the rye.

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