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In addition to all the other crazy stuff going on this week, it looks like you can add another controversial event to the list, because Thursday is going to be Islamo Fascism Awareness Day. Great. Bwog recalls the good ol’ days when we were called “islamofascist” by a pundit or two, and we wonder if some Safire-ean scribe wants to offer an etymology of the term.

Speaking of Which

Another bit of media chit-chat: the editorial Karina Garcia and others put up on CounterPunch calling out Columbia for its apparently discriminatory rulings regarding the stage incident, titled “A Case of Racism.” “By bowing to right-wing pressure, Columbia University brought shame to itself,” it declares. “But their politically motivated and ultimately racist punishments should not obscure an obvious truth: we won.” Well snap.

And Just Sayin…

Did anyone else notice that CCO, which went down on Saturday, was sponsored partially by Student Loan Xpress? AWKWARD.

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  1. This  

    has to be one of the most offensive things to come to campus in a long time. The Islamo-Fascism thing, I mean.

    As to the etymology, I remember Bush's remark about "Islamic Fascists" during the Israel-Lebanon war last summer, but I'm not sure about any earlier usages.

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