1. what?  

    did the J-school student die?

  2. verbiage  

    The NYT article said she was in stable condition, so probably not, but you can mourn for a tragedy, can't you?

  3. or maybe

    it's for va. tech and not j-school related?

  4. it's  

    a good response to a day of terrible news all around

  5. i know  

    that's def. in the J-school. Its all really tragic... and the J-school is really small, so the student body is close and united. Im sure a tragedy like this struck everyone pretty hard.

  6. I hope  

    they catch that animal and give him a true NYPD welcome at the station.

  7. security  

    Apparently, the attacker gained entry by following her into the building. I am a grad student in couples housing. My wife and I feel pretty safe on 112th st. However, I can't stress enough the importance of making sure the door locks behind you when you enter a building.

    My wife was mugged here.
    A neighbor was sexually assaulted in the elevator of our building.
    This weekend, 2 homeless people decided to set up camp in our building using some of the building materials from the roof as a shelter. As a result, we now have major leaks in the building.

    Fortunately, my wife wasn't hurt, our neighbor wasn't physically hurt, and no one was hurt because of the damage this weekend. But if all these people gained entry through unclosed doors, who else can?

    • Very true  

      And undergrads living in dorms should remember to NEVER sign in anyone you don't know! Also, if you see someone suspicious in teh building call Public Safety or contact an RA right away.

  8. Revenge

    Killing the rapist is not enough.

  9. Karma  

    this is what you get for gentrifying a neighborhood

  10. whoeverthatis  

    whoever said that (above) is horrible and deserves to die

  11. it's nice of them  

    A kind gesture from J-school students nonetheless. I hope that woman lives a normal life again after this.

  12. j-schooler

    please change the title. It's inaccurate and crass. She didn't die, and the distinction is an incredibly important one.

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