1. Bernstein's article  

    "What Columbia student can say she receives congratulatory e-mails from her college president and a Pulitzer Prize-winning author for winning a writing competition?"

    So... Barnard is a close-knit high school?

  2. i love  

    that bernstein points out causation/correlation. if you'd been in the college, you'd have learned all about that in frontiers. and if you were in seas youd already know that because lets face it, those kids know that stuff. and if you were in gs, you'd probably not care because youre do old youre on a respirator

  3. i dunno  

    that article was like over half gangsta

  4. BARNARD  

    Shut up, please! we really don't want to hear you!

  5. i love her column  

    because she says that she doesn't have anything against taking classes with men, but then she as good as states that men will automatically infringe upon any meaningful intellectual dialogue in the classroom, because... you know, they're insensitive and stuff.

  6. correcting teachers  

    is an exclusively male action. I have correlation that indisputably shows that.

    • Schuess  

      This might just be my male bias speaking, or perhaps my science bias, but what's so wrong with correcting teachers (provided you're right, of course)? I know my physics/math professors want to know if they left out a minus sign: it makes things much clearer for them and the entire class. Why should it be any different for the humanities?

  7. wirc  

    If she says that women take acceptable roles in co-ed classrooms (a misuse of the concept of stereotype threat), then shouldn't men be less aggressive in singe-sex classrooms as well? Is she saying that men so dominate the classroom that they are not individually affected by society. Madness.

  8. I agree  

    that there's anything inherently wrong with correcting professors, but as often as not it's done in that smug, fuck-you-with-a-smile kind of way. That shit's just annoying.

  9. jiang

    Why are there Barnard articles on a Columbia website?

  10. Frontiers

    I appreciate that someone is trying to fix frontiers, but wtf with some of these ideas! It's good that they decided against suggesting a segregation based on "previous experience" (we all know how poorly that would shake out,)but moving the lecture hall?? changing the length of sections?? give me a break. those are NOT substantive changes. besides, SOME of us had wonderful section leaders who made the class worthwhile. so please, lets encourage less whining and more progress here.

  11. bernstein

    ummm- "As of now, more than half of the embarrassingly low 16.3 percent of women in Congress and a third of Fortune 1000 executives were single-sex educated."
    Anyone think this has less to do with single sex education's merits, and more to do with its association with elite society? In other words, those women in Congress didn't go to single-sex schools (exclusively) because they wanted the female environment, they did it because it was in the family.

  12. 16.3%??  

    Isn't that like 3 women?

  13. Hmmmm...  

    I love being in classes with guys. It's so much fun to intellectually kick their asses.

  14. i'm a feminist  

    and i think barnard is ruining columbia. it needs to shut down. all the classes I've taken there are in some limbo between high school and college, and class is mostly demeaning. is there anyone on campus seriously having this discussion?

  15. bc in columbia tours  

    actually, when my cousin and brother were taking tours and going to information sessions about cc/seas, the admissions directors would tell all the girls applying to cc to seriously consider barnard as an equal school.

  16. sigh...  

    "Instead of fighting a male student for floor space in seminar or cringing as he corrected the teacher during lecture, I was finally in an environment where I [would fight female students for floor space in a seminar and be really proud as female students correct the lecturer, because that feels different to me.]"

    • double sigh  

      "While Columbia males are not misogynists, my own study for learning psychology found that the mere presence of men elicited stereotype threat, causing 60 "strong, beautiful and bold" Barnard students to act in accordance with "appropriate" female behavior by speaking less and paying more attention to their appearance."

      She cites her "OWN STUDY" on learning psychology and makes it the crux of her argument of why single-sex education is valuable.

      She even admits that men didn't do anything to her, it's just that their mere presence makes her feel more submissive.
      Seriously, Columbia should first get rid of Barnard and then set up Bernstein with some psychiatric help for her inferiority complex.

  17. Wait  

    That Helvetica article is really, really good. Cheers!

  18. seriously  

    either abolish barnard, or at least don't let them have an @columbia.edu account.

    most of the barnard students i've met are grade-grubbing, whiny bitches who don't deserve to be here.

  19. GSSC Results

    Student Body President:
    Niko Cunningham

    VP Policy:
    Nancy Saunders

    VP Student Life:
    Erika Gallegos

    VP Finance:
    Keith J.D. Hightower

    VP Communications:
    Brody Berg

    University Senator:
    Paige Lampkin

    Social Chair:
    Ashley Forman

    Academic Affairs & COI Representative:
    Anthony Carter

    Alumni Affairs and CCE Representative:
    Raul Wikkeling

    Student Services Representative:
    Cheryl Berg

    Senior Class President:
    Chikodi Chima

    Senior Class VP:

    Junior Class President:
    Todd Murphy

    Junior Class VP:
    Ketevan Ibarra

    Sophomore Class President:

    Sophomore Class VP:

    Parents Representative:
    Peter Lamia

    Student Workers Representative:
    Allen Settle

    International Students Representative:
    Zsofia Pal

    Delegates at Large:
    Eleanor Colley
    Jacob Matilsky
    Michael Rain
    Nicole Rountree

  20. Is anybody else  

    completely exhausted by this debate? I mean, doesn't it seems pretty implausible that Barnard, presently in better financial and admissions than it's ever been, will throw up its arms and merge with Columbia? Then why are we wasting breath (ink, keystrokes, whatever) on it? It's about as frivilous as another one state/two state squabble I know...

  21. Is anybody else  

    completely exhausted by this debate? I mean, doesn't it seems pretty implausible that Barnard, presently in better financial and admissions than it's ever been, will throw up its arms and merge with Columbia? Then why are we wasting breath (ink, keystrokes, whatever) on it? It's about as frivilous as another one state/two state squabble I know...

  22. bernstein  

    to preface, I don't think barnard students are leeches or whores or whatever's going to be thrown at them in this thread, though I do think it should go co-ed.

    The statistic about female executives and congresswomen is misleading. A lot of these women went to school at a time when many of the best schools were single sex, which is no longer the case.

  23. presenter  

    and the award for longest, most grammatically awkward sentence ever goes to...

    "Even the U.K. study that Barnett cited showing that as the number of single-sex schools has dropped, the number of girls taking physics has grown is weak: first, the study is correlational, meaning that there is no causal link between female physics students and coeducational schools, and second, Ellen Gillibrand's 1999 experiment found that increased participation and comfort level in single-sex environments caused girls to score higher in physics and also made them more likely to pursue the subject at an advanced level."

  24. Sprinkles  

    I understand single-sex schools for elementary and high school, but the way I see it, by college we should be preparing ourselves for the real world. And the real world has women and men in it, together. You might as well use college as a time to practice standing up to men rather than being intimidated by their presence in the classroom. If you still feel uncomfortable with mixed-sex classes by the time you're 18, it's your problem, and you need to adjust so that you can function in larger society.

    (Yes, I also know the real world also doesn't resemble the Columbia bubble in many ways, but I don't think anyone can say you won't benefit from being in a classroom of people who at least roughly represent your future colleagues.)

    • real worlder  

      If Columbia and/or Barnard wanted to emulate the real world, there would be many more conservative thinkers around.

      The ISO has more support between 114-120th street than it does in the rest of Manhattan.

      • Real Worlder 2  

        It would also have more minorities than 5-6% black and 5-6% latino.

        Probably a few more poor people too. I am not sure. I haven't checked the stats, but I believe that there are a greater percentage of poor people in the world than Columbia represents. I will have to check up on that.

        • stats  

          OK... so I did some investigating, and there are definitely more poor people than what we see at Columbia!

          While searching for this information I also learned that on a global scale, whites are minorities! Who knew?

          • real worlder  

            So the point is - Columbia is a private organization that can make up its own rules. As is Barnard. Expecting either to 'prepare' you for the world is a joke.

            Most seniors are best off learning how to: 1) kiss ass, 2) make coffee, 3) edit powerpoint, 4) learn pivot-tables, 5) say "Yes, sir(or ma'am)"

            Ethnic Studies and Intro to Jazz aren't going to pay off much in the 'real world'. Unless you're interested in reciting the chef specials '...with white wine and capers.'

          • Actually

            I wouldn't worry about it too much, speaking as someone who's tried getting jobs both with and without a Columbia degree--it really, really helps. Just do good in your internships and you'll be fine. Oh FWIW don't like correct your interviewer's grammar some other nerdcore gesture like that.

        • Sprinkles  

          ...Which is precisely why I said that the world doesn't exactly resemble the Columbia bubble. Read the freakin' post before you click "reply."

          • Reply  

            freakin' a. Are you poster # 39? Because I am pretty sure that is who I was replying to. You see, you can tell by looking at the little space that says "in reply to #39".

            Besides, I was actually using sarcasm to agree with you. You correctly acknowledged that columbia isn't an exact microcosm of the real world. then Poster #39 had to point out some things to prove (redundantly) your acknowledgment of such - in a snide fashion. I then responded to that poster.

  25. jimmy donuts  

    Hold everything you guys...

    Has anyone seen the news on what is going on at Virginia Tech? They're saying 20 students have been shot!

    Let us all have our fellow students in mind. Good God, it looks like another Columbine, only far more worse...

    Ribbono shel olam, where are you?

  26. jimmy donuts  

    Holy friggin' shit...

    Go on Facebook and do a search for 'William Morva' the dude who was charged in the Virginia Tech shootings earlier this year.

    There are actually Facebook groups up joking about these events. Talk about nauseating...

  27. Anonymous

    I'm surprised nobody's mentioned that a Columbia Journalism student was held captive, raped, tortured, mutilated, and was nearly killed when the guy set fire to her bed that she was tied to.


  28. prezbo's blast email

    Dear members of the Columbia community,

    I am very sorry to report that over the weekend a graduate student
    in the Graduate School of Journalism was assaulted in her
    off-campus apartment in Hamilton Heights. She is in a hospital, and
    her family is with her. The police are searching for the assailant.

    At this time, both out of respect for the privacy of the student and
    her family and out of the need to assist the police investigation
    actively underway, we cannot say more. I have, on behalf of the
    entire University community, expressed to the family our deepest
    concern and our wish to assist them in any way we can.

    I know this horrible crime will be upsetting and troubling to all
    members of the University but especially to our students and their
    families. If anyone--students, staff, or faculty--feels the need
    for assistance of any kind, we have a range of resources available,
    including counseling and psychological services. Personnel are
    available by appointment at (212) 854-2878 or walk-in on the 8th
    Floor of Lerner Hall. They can be reached for emergencies by
    calling (212) 415-0120.

    I will continue to express our unconditional support to the student
    and her family.

    Lee C. Bollinger

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