1. I am happy  

    When the Current comes out

  2. the current  

    David Feith's article makes a fine point. But did anyone else notice that the entire piece, down to the Susan Sontag quotes, seems strangely similar to Prof. Moyn's human rights lecture course?

  3. photophili  

    Nice cover -- Henri Cartier-Bresson rules.

  4. not sam moyn  

    i'm in moyn's class. we deal with some of the same themes and sentimental revolution stuff, but that editorial didnt have much class material. the expreiments into human reactions were cool, as was the Bangladesh story and the stuff about prof. sala-i-martin. if anything, feith cribbed from sali-i-martin

  5. tmw  

    i really like the design of this issue's cover.

  6. nanny  

    birk oxholm's manny diaries was a great distraction from paper-writing. good laughs. the things kids say.. .

  7. wait  

    the current is about jewish things right? or things from a jewish perspective? or things of that nature isn't it?
    so while i love sumaiya and her article is awesome (good job!) why is it in current and not in say the b/w?

    • hah  

      the "jewish affairs" line exists for two reasons:
      1. so bari & co. can have plenty of pro-zionist things if they so choose without seeming biased
      2. so that, when "the current" got bored with being unabashedly zionist, it could fall back on being like a second b&w.

      in all seriousness though, b&w is very columbia-oriented in terms of its content, whereas the current isn't so much.

      • hah..a  

        b+w has a more columbia-oriented, snarky style. and its great. the current seems to be where people do longer thought out analysis of cultur/politics stuff. and it's great.

  8. Boroughing  

    fantastic addition. All 3 are great.

    And the Manny Diaries is classic.

  9. hahahah  

    the manny diaries is hilarious!

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