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In case you haven’t checked your email within the last hour – or tend to disregard student council announcements altogether – Columbia’s student councils have joined forces to schedule a candlelight vigil for victims of the Virginia Tech massacre. The ceremony will take place tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 9PM by the Sundial. CCSC President Seth Flaxman has told Bwog that, although the councils will be providing candles, they are unsure they will have enough for all, and students are encouraged to bring their own.

UPDATE: Ana Ortiz writes: “Because of univesity policy, all lit candles have to be in glass containers… Bring your own if you have a glass container, otherwise we’ll do our best to provide enough for everyone.”

UPDATE: There are also plans to hold a moment of silence for the Virginia Tech shootings on the Steps tonight at 8PM.

Seth also encourages everyone to participate in Take Back the Night this year, which holds special resonance for the Columbia community in the wake of Saturday’s brutal events in Hamilton Heights.


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  1. interesting

    GS did not get the email. (yet?)

  2. giggles  

    intimately involved...he he.

  3. why  

    is Goldman Sachs involved? and why would you expect them to get the email? i mean id love to work at GS but what relevance does it have to columbia?

    i bet you thought i was serious huh?

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