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  1. GS drop

    The GS drop was likely due to the mix up in election dates; lack of information about how to vote--as well as voter apathy.

  2. Rape-o

    Is that painting supposed to represent the rapist? Or a student escaping an inferno?

    • neither  


      "Malkia Roberts, "Spectrum" Acrylic on canvas 1972

      This image, according to the artist, represents acceptance of the present and anticipation of the future. The woman is the past, and the Expressionistic style and upward gaze symbolize the future."

  3. wow  

    This is a joke. Spectator should not ever write about moral theory again.

    • to be fair  

      it's not the voice of spectator, as in a staff editorial. it's just a decidedly mediocre columnist.

    • also  

      It's not a philosophy column. It's looking at a philosophical issue through a scientific lens.

      Try writing about neuroscience, Mr. Moral Theory and then make your evaluation.

      • Mr. Moral Theory  

        Not really. This column isn't about some technical issue in science I don't understand. It's simply treating the boundaries of neuroscience and morality and floundering. And, for the record, philosophy isn't something seperate from other disciplines. It's really just another word for thinking really hard.

  4. bleh

    the, gs, editing of the, gs, gs article, gs, is a disgrace, gs, to style books, gs, everywhere. and how many, gs, editors look, gs, through that, gs?

  5. W. R. H.  

    Did anyone else think the two pictures on the first page of the Spec, when viewed together, were unintentionally hilarious?

    Or perhaps it was intentional.

  6. wtf?  

    why is the university arbitrarily giving away $25 every week?

    i know it's not much in the whole scheme of things, but there are far better uses for that money?

    it's ridiculous to give a stupid administrator the right to go around rewarding his/her favored students.

  7. niko  

    GS, ahem, actually had a ,gs, record turnout for a 24-hour period, gs. There was no, gs, voter apathy, gs. Last year we had a record turnout, gs, because of 48 hours to , gs, vote. This year, gs, that time was cut in half, yet we still reached, gs, 75% of last year's total. A 24-hour, gs, voter turnout, gs, record!

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