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kjggFour groups competed for student attention on Low Plaza today, a confluence of causes amidst an already eventful “Earth Week” and following yesterday’s demonstrations by LionPAC, Filasteen, Lucha & Co. Today’s events featured Darfur, Manhattanville, drugs, and cardboard boxes.

Amnesty International was out promoting Darfur Awareness Week with a mock refugee camp, apparently the hottest thing in student activism these days. They’ll be holding a vigil
lefttonight at 8:00 PM, which organizers have promised will wrap up at least a half hour before the vigil for Virginia Tech students at 9:00.

At the same time, SCEG and the Coalition to Preserve Community pushed an issue closer to home, and brought it even closer to Bollinger’s home, where they’d tied balloons with slogans like “LEE! Don’t destroy West Harlem!” to protest the Manhattanville expansion. Earlier, they’d set up information tables on the Sundial to counter the “Manhattanville Open Houses” hosted in Roone Arledge once in a while. CPC leader Tom DeMott led the little band in familar chants of “Manhattanville, NOT FOR SALE!” Listen to an  interview with DeMott and student Bryan Mercer on WBAI this morning in the
khkh7:00 hour.

Meanwhile, Students for Sensible Drug Policy focused on the pressing issues of the time–or at least the pressing issues of this Friday, April 20–and CollegeBoxes was at the forefront of the cause of putting your possessions in cardboard boxes and paying them money to store them. Oh, there was also a blood donation truck.






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  1. It's my  

    drugs in a box?

  2. yes  

    oh college boxes. always a dependable community presence.

  3. what i've noticed  

    no one protests during the colder winter months. they're all fair-weather activists.

  4. DoctorSchuess  

    My favorite part about the Darfur people was what they were shouting across the steps: "Free Coffee!" Not trying to appeal to our sympathies, or responsibilities as global citizens, but our caffeine addictions.

  5. Actually  

    Amnesty was out in force in early Jan in freezing weather for hours, if you remember the awareness event they had with tombstones with facts on them. The reason activists work mostly in the Spring is because no one is out in the winter!
    ..And the coffee thing worked like a charm.

  6. Darfur  

    come back tonight for Dinner from Appletrees at the Darfur Camp. There will be an interactive google earth feature over Darfur that traces the crisis, a candlelight vigil at 8pm, a photo-exhibit, & of course, lots of actions + informational material.

  7. Darfur

    As the son of a Janjaweed marauder , I feel very threatened by these racist displays. Why can't I tell my story...

  8. ugh  

    the poor darfur people were being totally drowned out by SCEG and stopcolumbia.org (why does columbia allow people to take over the sundial and unfurl an...anti-columbia banner? seriously.)

    I mean, come on, thousands of people dying vs. "evictions" that are really relocations with sweet cash deals handed out by columbia. I'm sorry, why was the latter hogging all the attention?

    • No worries,  

      we're going strong till 6pm tomorrow.

      Also, CU Amnesty is hosting a speaker panel tomorrow, featuring the Jack Snyder from the Poli Sci Department, Jeff Freeman - executive director of Emergency USA (a humanitarian aid group in Darfur) & Stephanie Klein-Ahlbrant from the UN Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights. So you get the Academic, Humanitarian & UN perspective. 602 Ham, 4/19, 7-8.30 pm Free food + drinks

    • McFister

      Because Tom DeMott is a self-righteous ass.

    • well  

      what can Columbia do about Columbia?

      what can Columbia do about Darfur?

      not saying we shouldn't talk about Darfur, but you can't just compare death counts.

      • columbia  

        columbia could commit minds to working out resolutions, money to send humanitarian aid, student volunteers to distribute and coordinate such aid.

        or, it could let itself be extorted by people offended they're not being bribed enough to get off their underutilized property.

        you decide.

  9. alert  

    BREAKING NEWS at spectator, it's huge and scary

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