Free Food in International Affairs

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From Jacob Weaver: 

The Journal of Politics & Society conference going on RIGHT NOW has some extra Columbia Catering.  707 IAB.

ALSO: You’ve got until 2:00 to claim a portion of food from the South East Asian League’s Water Festival, going on by Hamilton Lawn. Hurry!



  1. Spitter

    I wouldn't touch it. I hacked a loogie in it.

  2. BBQ!  

    free BBQ on vam am quad starting now too!

  3. Spat in it

    I spat in that too

  4. gross!

    I have hep c and also spit in the food!

  5. yucko!

    I have AIDS and took delight in spitting in the food!

  6. oh no....

    fecal matter must have been transferred to the food after I got a hold of it, I have dirty fingers...

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