1. great

    and they couldn't have alerted us like every other college campus? (it was a national moment of silence).

  2. umm  

    yea, an email 20 minutes before doesn't really help

  3. again

    gs is still waiting for an email.

  4. GS?  

    the email we're talking about is from Colombo, dean of student services for CC and SEAS so theres no reason why he ought to be sending GS anything, thats your administrations deal. now if your point is that your administration blows because your school in general does as well, then sure i agree. but if you think that a dean for cc and seas is obligated to send things to GS then i think youre wrong. and your school still blows.

  5. cu doesn't blow

    point 1: who is this royal "we" of which you speak? the initial post makes no reference to colombo. were the graduate divisions notified? continuing education? staff?

    point 2: unless you're earning a bs, we'll both be graduating with the same degree from the same school (this also assumes that you're an undergraduate student at columbia university). i don't think that my school blows. i'm sorry to hear that you do.

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