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sfsfDear Readers, 

Bwog staffers are currently racing to finish the abnormally large and rather exciting April/May issue of the print issue, so we’ll be taking a short hiatus this weekend. Please keep sending in tips, and we’ll be back on Monday!



Edit- 10:15pm – We have been alerted there is some sort of “blood wrestling” event in front of EC right now. Enjoy?



  1. The Dink  

    noooooooooooo!!! without bwog i cease to exist. at least i can get some work done now.

  2. i thought  

    so because i was waiting for an update of the 1001 things going on on campus today...

    Not to make this seriously serious, but it was a rather beautiful ending to a rather difficult week...

    I love this school...

  3. mlp  

    And the weekend's still not over yet! Philo, for one, will be holding our annual Croquet Tea tomorrow/today on Math Lawn.

  4. ^___^  

    Co-ed Naked Blood Wrestling was AWESOME.

    • ehh  

      not really. not many hot chicks except for that girl who already got down to her undies in previous issues of the fed.

      fat men wrestling in vaguely blood colored water is not good for anyone.

  5. pictures?  

    anyone have blood wrestling pics?
    esp. of this one hot girl?

  6. no offense  

    no offense to all your hard work, but I much prefer bwog over the magazine

  7. Hah.  

    Were you even THERE for more than one match? After the hot water finally happened there were about six more, maybe four if you don't want to call lesbian makeouts "matches".

  8. Anonymous  

    Org. of Pakistani Stud. Hangama 2007
    ***The South Asian Mock Wedding of the Year***
    Low Steps, 3pm TODAY


    CU Bhangra, NYU Bhangra, CU Taal, CU Raas will all be performing, along with SURPRISE dance performance

  9. Its the first step  

    In re-acqusition of Pakistan by India

  10. c&r  

    chicken and rice was kind of a ripoff. I didn't want such a big portion, or to pay $7. how do people eat that much for a midnight snack!?

  11. huh?  

    a ripoff because they gave you too much food?

  12. ????  

    whats with the rampant censoring bwog? i dont doubt it was deserved, i know better than to question your judgement but i feel like ive seen the deleted comment message 3 or 4 times in the past few days (twice on this thread now)

    • hrm

      I tend to assume the impending finals madness is making people crazier than usual, thus saying obnoxious things that need censoring.

    • Lydia  

      Well spotted. Actually, we've been deleting nasty comments all along, but just figured out how to use our "delete politely" button instead of the "expunge" button, which means that you'll be seeing more censored comments in the future.

  13. damn  

    the man. fuck you bwog for taking away my first amendment rights!

    fuck fuck fuck

  14. i'm  

    too lazy to look for this, but what is the policy on deletions? Given some of the things I've seen around here, I was surprised that such a policy even existed.

  15. Threadjack

    Congratulations to the Ivy League Champions in Women's Golf and Men's Tennis...

    Columbia Ivy Titles this season:

  16. wow

    my comment was so dead on, it wasn't just deleted, but completely EXPUNGED. way to have a stick up your ass, bwog.

  17. bwog?  

    if you're out there and you're listening, do you think you could maybe have a place where deleted comments go? while i agree some comments don't belong here, my intense curiosity is dying to see what kinds of things are written.
    maybe you could put together a "comment hell" where the really mean or unacceptable comments go to burn for eternity? i mean, or not. whatever.

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