Rang rang everywhere and plenty hose water to drink!

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Today was the HSO’s big Holi bash, and for those who missed the fun, here are some photos from the spring holiday, which featured more than 700 lbs. of paint, lots of water, and general mayhem.


 Thanks to Ramya Pratiwadi and Sumaiya Ahmed for the photos!

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  1. hmm  

    get a photo of the colorful aftermath on the plaza before facilities power-sprays it all away!

    looks better than usual, actually. maybe the color should stay.

  2. ehh  

    last year was better

  3. I agree  

    ..last year was a lot more fun

  4. yea!!  

    this year= lots of creepy guys coming up to you and pounding you with paint nonstop

    last year= no creepiness

  5. when  

    is that supposedly awesome concert with the artists my unhip ass has never heard of?
    i didnt miss it did i?

  6. Bhang

    It is no fun if you don't drink the bhang lassi... bancutya!

  7. ugh  

    that shit was so lame

  8. what...  

    holi or the concert?

  9. I TOLD YOU  


  10. stupid question but

    why does wikipedia say holi was celebrated in march this year, if columbia folks celebrated in in april? i'm confused...

  11. Ajay  

    yes, I was the guy who messed some people up in the WAR!!! haha ;) good times!!!! can't beat it!!! btw, HSO is BALLINNNN!!!

  12. just one thing  

    it is notable that for four hours today you could watch people cleaning up those 700lbs of paint. maybe students should have cleaned up their own mess? or is that not part of the holi bash.

  13. chod

    jhat ma bhad, ferengi gandhu

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