Lay off the freshwomen

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sfsfAccording to multiple sources, next year’s freshmen will get a break–the Panhellenic council has voted to phase out first-year fall rush, since the new girls don’t have time to get used to school and see what greek life is about before signing into sisterhood. In 2007, only sophomores will be allowed to rush in the fall, and the year after all recruitment will occur in spring, giving potential pledges a full semester to talk themselves out of joining. 

Meanwhile, on the other end of our college careers, today marks the beginning of E-commerce for senior week [Correction: Senior week proper starts May 10], complete with a website that seems to actually include a grey silhouette of a naked woman and a bolder silhouette in the foreground of a guy smoking.  Almost as bizarrely, the 14-person senior week committee includes six Barnard girls, five SEAS kids, and three CC students.

Anyhow, hooray for 2007. Six Flags awaits you!

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  1. Not so bizarre  

    The theme is "From Columbia With Love." The silhouette's are supposed to be like James Bond movie posters, etc.

  2. i dont  

    know how to explain the SEAS and CC misproportions other than SEAS kids generally seem to have a greater sense of involvement maybe? (see ESC > CCSC) but the reason so many Barnard students are there is probably to practice for life after graduation. Marry rich and then serve on the boards and committees of meaningless cultural and "philanthropic" organizations. Columbia really does train you for life after graduation. Even if you go to the not as great school across the street from it.

  3. Bad idea  

    The sororities may rue the day they made this decision. Bwog is right, this will likely just cause girls to talk themselves out of pledging.

  4. either that or  

    people just get their friends involved.

  5. wtf  

    Okay, today is not the beginning of Senior Week. Senior Week starts May 10th and goes to May 14th, as it says on the website, which as another commenter pointed out is in the theme of James Bond (007). I would also perhaps interpret the smoke as a smoking gun and not a cigarette.

  6. dg? really?  

    These people?


    Really? Not that they're particularly attractive or unattractive, it's just an average sampling of Columbia/Barnard girls, which I've found to be the case with all the sororities. They're about equally attractive IMO.

  7. some of DGs  

    hotter girls are tanning on the lawn and man am i enjoying the view!

  8. aaaarh  


  9. none of the above  

    Lay the freshwomen!

  10. inflation?  

    why are senior ball tickets so criminally expensive?

    i mean, 90 dollars? is there a discount for the soon-to-be unemployed?

  11. I'd

    do her (female silhouette)

  12. Clogged toilets!

    Ahh RUSH... the sound of springtime flushes, the smell of puke in the air

  13. ann coulter  

    was a DG....once that gets out their numbers will fall. AXO will become the hot frat.

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