1. School Spirit  

    It would help if campus media promoted the fact that Women's Golf and Men's Tennis won Ivy League titles.



    CUCSSA's official name is "Columbia University Chinese Students and Scholars Association: United for China's Peaceful Rising"

    They are run KGB-style, with "Division Chiefs":

    And their Constitution is vetted by the Chinese Consulate:

    They are essentially an arm of the Chinese Communist apparatchik at Columbia, and unintentionally hilarious.


    They have one badass board:

    Wei Wei looks like he'll pull a Tiananmen Square on your ass if you piss him off

  4. first of all

    #3, that's especially unfunny these days.
    also, what about the pulse of liberal activism? sorry to NOT be cynical, but it sounds kinda great.

  5. but

    The even bigger story is the news of Hormann's torn ACL. At any other school, that would have been front page sports news for days. At Columbia, we learn about it in passing while recapping the annual spring game. Good work as always, Spec!

    • Hmm  

      Well, that may be the case, but there's not nearly as much hero worship (or for that matter, interest at all) in the quarterback at Columbia as there is at other schools. Also, they say he's expected to return, so I'm not sure it's quite as big a story as you indicate.

      • no way!  

        an acl tear to a starting quarterback is huge sports news. even at a school where the football team doesnt get a lot of attention thats the sort of sports news thats supposed to at least get a blurb when it happens.
        im entirely in agreement with #6. also the b/w game is an example of spec's poor sports writing in general. they mess up really common sports phrases like using "behind center" instead of "under center". whats worse is she said under center first and then switched to behind. either she was hedging her bets or she lacks consistency.
        i guess this is what i agreed to deal with when i decided academics were a little more important than big time college sports...

  6. well

    My child, whatever the reason you chose to attend Columbia has nothing to do with the sports reporting in the school paper. For example, some people choose Columbia for the lack of a strong fraternity atmosphere (though doubtfully as the main reason). Does that mean that Spec shouldn't cover a major event or incident at a fraternity?

    Whatever your opinion of the school and the school's interests should have nothing to do with the way the paper reports the news. Believe it or not, there are some people interested in CU athletics (not just students, but again -- alumni, parents, and even the few fans of Ivy League sports in general) and the sports department should report said news when it happens.

  7. whoa?  

    i feel like this just flipped a full 180
    i started off complaining that sports coverage was inadequate but that i had to tolerate it since so few people seem to care about athletics here (see 6, 8).

  8. oy veh

    What the hell does being "too busy finding worthy jobs or writing theses" to stop by the spring game have anything to do with Spec's coverage? We get it. You're not interested in CU athletics. Your logic, however, makes no sense at all.

    To be fair, your final terribly unfunny line about Alabama alumni basically sums up everything that's wrong about you as a Columbia student. Keep patting yourself on the back.

  9. grammar  

    i think that's actually a predicate adjective.

    Cf. "go crazy on his ass"

    Then again, it's used adverbially. Any real grammar experts out there?

  10. CUCCSA  

    scare me. They have had coup d'etats on their board in the past to make it MORE dictatorial & I wouldn't put anything past those psychos

  11. Timing Police  

    V-Tech = too soon

    Communist Revolution in China = fine

  12. so glad he's caught  

    "Robert Williams, the man accused of raping and torturing a Columbia graduate student, was arraigned on charges of sexual assault, attempted murder, kidnapping, arson, and burglary in Manhattan Criminal Court Friday night."

    If that doesn't spell "life in jail", then I don't know what does. Best wishes to the grad student as she recovers.

    • Life in jail?

      Hell, this case is making me reconsider my opposition to the death penalty.

      • true, but  

        because he didn't actually kill her, he's not a candidate for the death penalty. Attempted murder can get you a jail sentence equivalent to actual murder, but cannot get you the death penalty. I see what you're saying though.

      • no worries  

        Believe it or not, inmates have their own sort of honor code, and have their own ways of dealing with sickos who rape children and women. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if this guy met a nasty end on the inside.

        • strange but true  

          Yeah, I have read the same thing. Not only would I not be surprised, I hope for it.

          • Actually

            They usually get props for having raped a white woman. Assuming she is.

          • watcher  

            Yes. Columbia students know exactly what it's like inside of a prison cell.

          • #34 again  

            Actually, I do. I have a family member who is an admin in a state prison, so I actually have a pretty decent idea how things work. And the one thing I know is that the gang members have zero tolerance for violence committed against women or children, white black or otherwise. Kill a man, kill several, rob a bank, you'll get your props, but hurt a woman or child of any color and you will be eating through a straw at the very least.

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