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You missed…

sdf– Awards!
The Kings Crown awards went out, landing in the inboxes (and on the resumes) of meritorious students. But perhaps more importantly, the undergraduate Academic Awards Committee made their picks: the Lionel Trilling Award, for the best book published by a member of the Columbia faculty in the calendar year; and the Mark Van Doren Teaching Award, for excellence in teaching. This year, the Trilling went to Sheldon Pollock‘s The Language of the Gods in the World of Men, a history of Sanskrit, and Samuel Moyn landed the Van Doren. Props to both.

– The V-Show trailer! Low-tech, high anticipation. Don’t forget to buy tickets–they’re going fast.

– Nostalgia! Bob Feldman et al reminisce about the good old days at Columbia, when “protest” meant “take over buildings and get dragged out by the police.” 

– Random overheards! Girl on cell phone in Lerner: “Well, tell him he should take the stick out of his ass and stick it up his nose!”

Also, coming up…

– Tomorrow, according to several breathless listserv announcements, President Bush will be in Harlem at the Village Academy, 242 W. 144th st. (between 7th and 8th). A bunch of activisty types are heading up there; Bwog hopes they won’t be disappointed.

– Wednesday is Administrative Professional Appreciation Day. Low-level bureaucrats will be awaiting their chocolates and bouquets.

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  1. Anonymous

    Was the V-Show trailer supposed to be a take on Strongbad and Homestar Runner?

  2. by the way  

    i just saw that ann coulter was in DG at Cornell...just trying to keep in sync with the stereotype.



  4. hmm  

    I wouldn't call what Molina does for the Spec "drawing."

  5. Matt S.  

    I was given the King's award. Its probably nothing that any of you have ever heard of, but I just wanted to point out that I'm better than you.

  6. the V-show  


  7. pms  

    This year's V-Show is entirely in pencil and paper format. Most of the budget went to looseleaf. Rumor has it, they only used two pens during the entire process.

    • Ms.Moo  

      Yes, only two pens...

      But let me clarify:
      There was only to be one pen, and the pen was never to be lifted from the paper's surface. However, Mike "Doesn't Draw" Molina LIFTED the pen off of said surface.

      So THEN they had to get a new pen-- that was in late February...hasn't been lifted from the surface yet.

  8. Herold  

    Oh, hey, ms. moo

  9. Oh Snap!  

    Molina's waterskiing could also use some work!

  10. moyn

    yay for sammy moyn, I can't think of any professor who deserves the van doren more. he's an amazing prof.

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