Where do blogs go to die?

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sfdsThis year has so far seen the launch of several Columbia student blogs, and the death of almost as many: Spectator‘s opinion blog The Steps and its sports blog Pressbox are both defunct, and the Dems’ Lion and the Donkey hasn’t published since April 5. Fortunately, the Columns is still going strong, and WikiCU adds new stuff every day.

Optimism check: Columbia’s web presence may expand and contract, but Bwog feels confident that the teleology is positive. Let us know if we’re missing any!

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  1. Insider Info  

    the dems blog is coming back next year under the now focused (on the blog) leadership of last year's media director Jacob Taber

    • haha  

      these blogs come and go so frequently. there will be another 5 dems blogs in the next 3 years, for sure.


      also, wikicu is not a blog, it's wiki. isn't that obvious?

  2. Taylor  

    I love you Dr. Zeus.

  3. dsz

    Yes, well, theonetrain will be around for a while longer.

    < / shameless plug >

  4. Get it now?  

    There are blogs posted on WikiCu. See here: http://www.wikicu.com/Blogs

  5. Herman Furrypaws

    Hashbrowns and Toast rules!

  6. completely off topic  

    but how often do you update the events calendar? i sent you an event over a week ago and it still hasn't been added :-(

  7. Anonymous

    Ah forget The Steps, they were no fun anyways.

    I am surprised though, the new magazine, The Eye, isn't half bad.

  8. Get ready..  

    The Core is coming.

  9. racist komments

    racist komments are killing the bwog

    • you're  

      an example of bias. in the same way racist comments may not represent all bwog readers, you're assuming racist comments are offensive to all readers. i however find them to often be funny. even when they knock on my race (black + indian)

  10. Let us not forget  

    We had a whole slew of dead blogs that was once CUcommunity/campusnetwork

    not the same i know, but still...

  11. the columns  

    is awesome

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