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kfkg1.  Free Culture Columbia, the rabble rousing group that brought you online privacy, is now saving you freshmen a lot of money: a little piece of plastic loaded with $300 worth of CC texts in the public domain (that’s pretty much everyone but Foucault, who’s still under the thumb of publishing companies). On Thursday at 3:00 PM in the Wallach 10 lounge, FCC (haha!) will give away flash drives to the first 100 lucky first-years who show up. If you’ve taken CC, stop by anyway for free cookies and a speech on technology and the lawin education by Head Librarian James Neal.

2. The helpful and tech-savvy folks over at ESC have come up with a way for you to get your entire entourage (that is, more than four people) into graduation, as long as there are enough kids who feel nice enough to give theirs away. May Pareto optimality result. 

3. Spectator‘s photo/lit magazine, 116, is looking for poetry, creative writing, and photography! E-mail submissions to 116magazine@gmail.com, or drop off prints or negatives for scanning at the Spec office (2875 Broadway, 3rd floor).

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  1. bloody useful

    Thanks freeculture!

  2. haha  

    i like that keith is the only one asking for tickets so far.

  3. friend of spec  

    no depressing, self-pitying shit! please only submit good material.

  4. orwell  

    the revolution will not be copyrighted!

    2 + 2 = 5

    • fuck orwell  

      considering all these works are in the public domain, and these copies are totally legal, I'm not really sure why you're against saving money.

      • orwell  

        isn't the general anti-RIAA stance of FCC motivated by the desire to engage in illicit activities online?

        if you weren't doing anything wrong, you wouldn't mind the government (or, uh, some industry agency empowered by it) peering over your shoulder.


  5. hmm  

    AJG strikes again?

  6. GSer  

    Why does the ticket swap site specifically discriminate against GS? Do they assume at our age all our friends and family are too dead to come to graduation?

  7. hmmm  

    what sort of translations are these? Public domain translations are garbage, right?

  8. this  

    is a very good point. i thought they might be scanning the books but then i realized that would be illegal.

  9. Anonymous  

    You're right, Alexander Pope is trash.

  10. yeah

    these translations are available on sites like project gutenberg, but the translations are often not the ones that the classes need...plus if you want to not stare at a florescent light when you read (the monitor), you have to print the shit out...costing money...

  11. annoyed  

    the giving out of the drives was a kind of very badly organized. even people who were there 15 min early did not get one. There was a sign up sheet that not every one knew about and that suddenly appeared when they started giving the drives out at 5 past 3. only the people on the list would maybe get one.... but nobody found it neccesssary to tell the large waiting crows about this....
    good idea, poor accomplishemnt....

  12. blah

    the spectator 116 magazine usually only takes submissions from the self-obsessed-spec-affiliated staff.

  13. free

    Since this is all legal, why not offer the text bundle for downloading from the Free Culture Columbia site? That way I can just download it and put it on my own friggin' USB stick!

  14. precisely

    Great idea! (cf #19) Please make the file available for download. Information wants to be free!

  15. Free Culture  

    It already is, just go to http://freeculturecolumbia.org/ and click on the link under the CC texts header.

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