1. hrm  

    Yes, that light has been bothering me for weeks now...they've taken a step up from the silly posters.

  2. freaky deaky  

    that's been up for MONTHS!

  3. Hell yes  


  4. why?  

    consent is important. I don't get what problems you would have with it.

  5. Matt S.  

    Ha! You losers with your consent. Do you think I EVER get consent?

  6. yea  

    I'm sure this has been commented on numerous times before, but how stupid is "Consent is Sexy?". What's not consent? "Rape is not hott!".

    How about this? "If you rape, I'll fucking castrate you, you fucking piece of shit" or "Rapists should die slow painful deaths". Those get the message across just fine.

  7. reasons  

    The whole concept of the consent campaign, as I understand it, is that sex is/should be an empowering and wonderful experience... and exactly as number 6 points out "rape is not hot". I believe number 6 was trying to point out the obviousness of the "rape is not hot" comment, but the bottom line is that we often talk about non-consentual experiences as "sexy" - for example, the oh-so-common trend in films that a woman says no over and over again until the man turns her on enough to give in. This scene is recreated in Gone with the Wind when Rhett picks Scarlett up and overwhelms her...the next scene shows her in a post orgasm glow. Other examples include the seduction of the married woman in "La Auberge Espagnole," over half of the sexual exchanges in Cruel Intentions, etc...

    "Consent is Sexy" IS actually a revolutionary concept when you actually think about what the practice of consent entails.

  8. Borat  

    consent not required.

  9. ugh  

    I hate seeing this thing when walking on to campus. do we have to advertise to passersby that we need giant, luminous advertisements to keep us from raping one another?

  10. obvious consent?  

    there are a lot of ways of giving consent without making it lame. The point is to communicate, even with simple "this feels good" or "let's..." in whatever language feels sexy to you.

    rape isn't just the black and white a guy forcing himself on a girl - often times its mixed expectations and miscommunication, particularly when mixed with alcohol, which creates hazy situations of consent.

    Taking off your clothes doesn't mean you necessarily want to have sex - it means you want to be naked. You might want to do a number of sexual things - make out, touch each other, have oral sex, etc. - without necessarily wanting to have vaginal intercourse.

  11. every time  

    I walk by that sign, I declare loudly and proudly, "HELL NO!"

  12. that's  

    been there for eveeeer--you're behind the times, bwog.

  13. Oh Bwog  

    Does it unnerve you because you think don't have it? You should know you have your consent right here anytime...

  14. This...

    seems about as stupid and pointless to me as the "Take Back the Night" march...and it gets on my nerves just as much.

  15. mag. grammaticorum  

    the latin you seek would be ipso facto, my son

  16. i wonder...  

    does anyone have any awkward experiences to relate with taking the "consent is sexy" too literally? Whenever I see the sign I chuckle and picture some awkward, half undressed conversation inspired by all these posters. Does this actually happen, or is it just me exaggerating the social awkwardness of CU peeps?

  17. cc08 girl  

    i have lots and lots of delicious, NON AWKWARD consensual memories. for real.

  18. Consent  

    is not the right word. All the stuff about asking for consent being awkward, that's missing the point. The problem is that consent implies merely acquiescence and tacit agreement, which is problematic because that continues to assume there is an aggressor and receiver. "Consent" is merely the absence of rape, which is a good start, but not nearly sufficient. So what is sexy? Mutual enthusiasm. Put that on the ground.

  19. i think  

    that "Consent is sexy" is at its sexiest when written on my chest in my favorite t-shirt. YEAH CONSENT PROGRAM FOR FIRST YEARS!!!


    Uh oh, I'd better go. I've seen the light.

  21. Oh please...

    Are we all so pathetic and overdramatic on the bwog that we're MOCKING the consent campaign? All of you... Get over yourselves.

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