Photoessay: Backstage at The Varsity Show

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If you haven’t noticed the giant yellow banner in Lerner yet, or the giant yellow posters all over campus, it’s V-show time–and tickets for “Insufficient Funds” are going fast (get yours here). Meanwhile, Bwog music critic Bryan Mochizuki has been chronicling rehearsals over the past few weeks, and created this pictorial window into the world of V113.

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  1. wow  

    great photo series

  2. 'FriscoVShowfan

    Wow, a very nice tour backstage. Wonderful work. I hope you have a SRO weekend.

  3. well done  

    very cool feature

  4. oh man  

    This is fantastic!

  5. The Dink  


    your little dinky pie.

  6. looks fun!  

    but no real hotties on the cast this year?

  7. Helen

    Ah, V-Show. A Lot more expensive than everything else on campus, yet they seem to reuse the same costumes year after year.

    It would be interesting if Bwog covered, in photoessay, a KCST dress rehearsal. Flaming torches.

    • rjj  

      Ah, V-Show. A Lot more expensive than everything else on campus, yet they seem to reuse the same costumes, songs, and jokes year after year.

    • well  

      Actually, in most of the pictures there, it seems like the people aren't even in costume (these were just rehearsals, no?. So let's wait to judge those.

      In terms of jokes...yeah, they have to cover their bases: barnard, administration, football team, etc. But I think people expect that. It IS about Columbia after all.

      In terms of songs...that's just wrong. They've been very different every year I've been here.

      And the story and major themes are always different. Can't wait to see it this weekend. Good luck all!

  8. keb

    Yay, Josh! Break a leg, love.

  9. wow  

    AWESOME photos. Wonderful job, Bryan.
    And for the record, red-haired Caitlin will inevitably show Columbia kids a hotness that V-Show has never shown them before.

  10. Yesyesyes  

    I have done / would do every single person in the cast and chorus, and I am truly discerning when it comes to sexual partners.

  11. If VS is listening  

    Can you guys try to make sure that the sound is loud enough so that people, including those in the back, can make out what people are saying? There's no point in writing witty lyrics if nobody can hear them.

  12. Colin  

    I agree with the Dink

  13. characters  

    the show posters are up outside of roone, and there's a tagline for each of the 8 main characters. looks like this year, we'll be watching a show about:
    vivienne ("she's really french")
    catherin ("she dreams of being on daytime")
    maxine ("a souless, money-fetishizing, ayn rand worshipping bitch")
    neal ("a human person")
    gramps ("homeless, poor, and eighty-two")
    alex ("vote for him")
    goldberg ("less of a student and more of a science experiment")
    and helfand ("master of time and space")
    now the game is who's who and how they're gonna put it all together! good luck guys!!!

  14. pms

    Heard a rumor that the characters represented on those posters are ONLY the characters that Mike Molina plays. Should be a good, Molina-filled show.

    Hmm. What if Oreos were Molina-filled?

  15. tca  

    Ummmm what about Josh Breslow...she's hot.

  16. varsity show...  

    ...is sold out for friday and saturday, so get your tickets for sunday now!

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