1. Umm

    Why was there an opinion piece by a Maoist economist?

  2. McKim  

    where is my facebook revolution? come on, I'm sending out the email asap and I need a link to attach to...

  3. wtf

    who's the retard who writes spec editorials?

    "The University should halt construction and engage the community in its plans for the development before it makes another mistake that will hurt Columbia's prestige "

    Architecture = Prestige!!!!

  4. hairs  


    "...speaking as a former fetus myself, I'd like to become a positive role model for all those who are aspiring, one day, to be born."
    -Matt Sanchez

  5. right, but  

    shitty architecture=shitty prestige

  6. wirc  

    1. Columbia's campus is in a Renaissance style.
    2. Plenty of historically sensitive buildings have been built in a modern form.
    3. A lot of the later McKim buildings are ugly, think of Pupin, John Jay, and the towers planned for the Northwest Site in the 1920s.
    4. Broadway and CSEPR are eyesores. Let's not lobotomize out buildings as well and get that watered-down misshapen classicsm.
    5. All of the modern buildings on campus, except for Sultzberger, are mediocre.

    • okay  

      point taken about renaissance (except low). still, NW corner building is NOT historically sensitive. lerner, crap that it is, is far more attuned to its surroundings. also, I think you'll find many don't share your opinion re: pupin/john jay...and, jesus, sulzberger isn't mediocre? it has to be the most watered down bare brick box this side of mudd.

    • please  

      If you are a Columbia you, you probably think that Sulzberger (note correct spelling) is not mediocre because it houses hundreds of Barnard girls.

    • Alum

      Fairchild and Computer Science are very good modern buildings. So is the Warren building (the narrow one on 116th, not the one at 115th and Amsterdam). Sulzburger and Broadway are also pretty good. Schapiro CEPSR isn't great but it's far from an eyesore. Te southwest facade of Havemeyer Extension is also quite well done, though the more visible sides disappoint. The Kraft Center has its charms, too.

      A great modern addition is the underground Avery Annex. The expansion and renovation of Greene (the main law school building) is spectacular compared to what that building was like before. Then there's the rare book library on the 6th floor of Butler, which is far more appealing than a space with such bizarre proportions has any right to be.

      There's plenty of architectural dreck as well, but let's give credit where credit is due.

  7. classical  

    buildings were built by extremely well-trained artisans who were paid jack shit. the result is that the structures are made of very beautiful, very refined materials. the newer stuff is built poorly out of crap materials, and it shows. look at the brickwork, and you can see how much the physical materials matter to beauty

  8. Spec  

    was, in fact, at the CB9 meetings (http://media.www.columbiaspectator.com/media/storage/paper865/news/2006/02/17/News/University.Presents.New.Science.Facility.At.Cb9.Meeting-2028441.shtml), but I promise you they didn't solicit much meaningful feedback or take much of it to heart. If you think community input isn't important in this case, fine, but don't pretend like it was collaborative.

    As far as the departmental meetings, I wasn't there for any of them, but I assume they were there to get feedback about floorplans and lab schematics—which no one is challenging—rather than the architectural narrative of the building.

    It's Columbia's decision, obviously, but I think it's fair to say that they'd do well to get more and more meaningful input on the appearance of the thing. This school's recent history is littered with shitty, shitty buildings that should have been scrapped on the drawing board.

  9. wow.  


    "When University President Lee Bollinger announced the architect's appointment in September, he emphasized that Moneo's prior work showed "an extreme sensitivity to context"-ostensibly an important asset when fitting a structure into the tightly-bound northwest corner."

    "But Moneo emphasized that the architectural style of existing buildings would be the determining factor in the building's design. "The campus is strong enough for helping you to figure out what to do there," he said."

    hahahahaha...oh man...

  10. SCANDAL  

    normal sized headline for UTS president'ts retirement = anti-semitism

  11. I'd like  

    to drill Matt Sanchez.

  12. banner  

    headlines only go for cool people that we like

  13. BWOG!!  

    today's flaxman email was one of his best - advise you post

  14. interested viewer  

    bwog, how is it none of your staff have scowered the internet for free samples of sanchez porn...

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