Drugs–not just for Thursday nights

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sdfsdWhat’s with the 20 masking taped garbage bags on the Plaza? Columbia’s chapter of the Student Global AIDS campaign are raising awareness about Abbott Labs‘ refusal to make a key anti-retroviral drug, Kaletra, available at low prices unless the government of Thailand rescinds an order to import generic versions of the life-saving medicine (read more here). Each bag represents 10,000 people in Thailand who need it. Make a phone call?

Meanwhile, Columbia School moms are holding a doozy of a bakesale on the Sundial–a little something to sweeten up your day after thinking about wasting diseases.

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  1. what the hell  

    did an eighth grader type this post? it's full of spelling errors. get on it.

  2. dude  

    that bake sale is made expensivo

  3. Umm...  

    What happened to the Tao Tan post?

    • Thank god  

      For a second I wondered if i had hallucinated that. Quite aside from the worry that I was seeing things, that my first hallucinatory experience would have been an interview with Tao was worrying me.

  4. what  

    happened to the Tao Tan's Senior Wisdom post? I read it a moment ago and, when I clicked back to Bwog, it was gone. What's up with that?

  5. it's available  

    not availible

  6. Lydia  

    You'll see it again soon--we were just a little click-happy on posting. The senior wisdom series will formally begin in a few days.

  7. achem  

    live-saving medicine?
    proooof reeeaaaddddd

  8. and  

    availible? guys...

  9. Sprinkles  

    also each bag represents 20,000 people, not 10,000.

  10. who cares  

    who cares?



    it's all the same.



  12. Global Justice  

    Global Justice is not a Socialist organization.


    GLOBAL SOCIALISM is more like it.

  14. I say

    I say use the third world for experiments but pay them well. Then we get better drugs and they get a little scratch on the side.

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