Looking for…

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It seems like everyone is on the lookout for something this week, including…. 

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  1. huh?  

    I don't get the section on course evaluations at all. could you rewrite?

  2. The

    CUSJ probably stole Philo's flag.

  3. 1999?  

    What's wrong with the CCSC web site? It's not amazing, but I wouldn't say 1999. It closely resembles the layout of today's blogs.

    Ironically, their blog DOES look like it's from 1999:

  4. invisible_hand

    one would expect an ivy league blog to not miss simple spelling errors.
    it's a philo PHLAG.


  5. mr. hand  

    isn't it a phbanner?

  6. relax #8

    chill, buddy. it was a joke.

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