Matsuri Festival!

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Due to the less-than-pleasant weather, Columbia Japan Society has moved its Matsuri Festival to the Lerner Party Space. There’s also quite a load of free food down there, which they are encouraging students to come down and eat — not to mention $2 bento boxes, girls in kimonos, Wiis, quirky carnival-esque games and Hello Kitty raffle prizes (we kid you not). They party’s going until 8 PM. Go!

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  1. ...

    I hope they realize they're missing Dice-K.

  2. Idiomologist.  

    Come on Bwog. They're not indoors "in spite of" the less than pleasant weather, they're indoors due to it.

  3. FYI...  

    It's not "its" it's "it's." (STUPID!)

  4. don't be  

    all resentful with the bold-face just because you got justly called out on saying the opposite of what you meant in the opening line of a piece

  5. How  

    did they get Lerner Party Space on short notice? don't you have to book way in advance?

    • Nope  

      They had already booked it for the full time period anyway, since there was a portion of the event planned inside. They just got rid of the outdoor portion and encouraged more people to come in.

  6. my conclusion  

    the friday editor is weak.
    todays posts were pretty bad.

  7. i'd like to add  

    there are many wonderful gershers....

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