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Chris Hernandez sends us the following haiku-esque missive from Furnald lawn, regarding the KCST Shakespeare extravaganza:

“Their audience is massive

I’m scared

And their applause is ruining my studying.”


This following up V-Show’s opening night, which by all accounts–and the drunken cast and creative team members stumbling around–didn’t disappoint.  



  1. sinner  

    shove the books aside and go watch it, it's not the best performance in the world but there's a kind of magic in it yet

    i just came from there, i will return for the second half tomorrow.

  2. much ado...  

    ...looked absolutely gorgeous. it was visually stunning and a totally unique theatrical experience, as can be expected from KCST's spring show... bravo!!!

    varsity show was also amazing! go columbia theater!

  3. umm  

    i don't know what varsity show you saw, but the one i saw was far from amazing. relative to years prior, the singing was bad, the production was bad, there were so many missed opportunities for hilarious jokes (i mean, come on. as a college republican myself i wanted to be roasted, but there was only one joke about us) i mean, high five to the blue and white for the program, it kicked ass, but the rest left sooo much to be desired

    • hmmm  

      well if the number of students that agree with your opinions on varsity show is directly proportionate to the number of students who agree with your political leanings, looks like the majority of columbia is gonna love the show!

      • not cool  

        Commenter 3 has many points & I am in total agreement. It was a show that I would have expected if absolutely nothing exciting happened all year. However, there was so much material which was soooo easy to make jokes about that they did not need to make up that totally far-fetched plot. I mean not one reference to the school's most easily targeted student? Come on guys....

        • yeah

          it's really too bad that the Varsity Show decided not to jump on the Kulawik-bashing bandwagon. I mean, there's enough fun to go around, right? That's what the "people" told me they want - a show that takes all that untapped brilliance of the Bwog commenters and condenses it down into one tired-ass show.

          give me a break. The Varsity Show isn't supposed to be sensational or reactionary - in its current incarnation, it's supposed to just look comically at the Columbia experience as a whole. Which I think they did a tremendous job at. Remember, the people involved aren't trying to write/perform a comical version of the Spec front page. They're trying to create an actual Broadway show, that will appeal not only to us, but also parents, alums, pre-frosh, people not even affiliated with Columbia. I feel bad for those of you that sat around waiting for the Kulawik joke and missed the overall grace of the production.

        • ehh  

          I think that's a good thing. why give any "easily-targeted student" more attention? that's what they want. that magazine article was as big of a joke for those idiots as it gets, no need for the v-show to push it further. good on them for making original stuff without the easy jokes.

          also, yeah KCST.

          • no easy jokes?  

            what about that whole reoccurring we/oui bit? i'd take an easy but mildly original cucr joke over that tired schtick anyday. besides, as #3 makes it clear, at least the college republicans have a sense of humor.



    Now I have.

  5. YEAH KCST  

    much ado, but not about nothing

  6. kcst  

    it made me so happy that I'm a student here. Thanks, King's Crown!! Also - Singer-Lady... you're really really sexy!

  7. wirc  

    The production this year was stunning. The acting was incredible, and the jokes were spot on. I remember hearing some first-year prick complaining about a misuse of Dogberry, and I wanted to slap him.

    Pitr Strait=God-King of plays

  8. but...  

    the problem is that they aren't really that good at making a complete musical worthy of Broadway. Mocking Columbia is what makes the audience happy whether the jokes are timeless or topical. The audience is pretty bored by the jokeless songs that exist only to flesh out characters because the characters aren't really worthy of even the one-note "fleshing out" they're given. The show is best as satire. More bite, less schmaltz please.

  9. we want  

    v show feedback post!

  10. ugh  

    vshow wasterribly unsatirical this year. waaay too much indulgence of the "plot" and pro-columbia sentimentalism. the set felt boring, too. helfand jokes were getting tired by the end.

    king's crown upstaged them hugely. it revived my night.

    • oh no!  

      a plot?! how terrible!!!! who wants to see a show with a plot?

      I agree. That's why I liked king's crown better-- that Shakespeare never includes plot or uses puns.....

      both shows were great. what a great weekend.

  11. ehhh  

    say what you will, ive been here four years and it was my favorite vshow.

    • ugh  

      want to explain how this could possibly top 2004's vshow, or last year's?

      it just seemed so divorced from timely, referential things. it was generic. they created characters with no bearing on mainstream campus life (postcrypt? french cultural society?)

      I feel like previous ones were much longer and richer.

  12. ugh  

    those drunk varsity show cast members wouldn't shut up for the whole show. if you're going to be a prick during someone else's performance, at least don't wear your varsity show shirt.

  13. varsity cast  

    the performers werent drinking. nothing fries your voice like alcohol. not to mention that the last thing we would do is intentionally interupt a kcst show... they gave us a gold fish!

  14. DHI  

    KCST was tight. I don't know about no varsity show.

  15. ling  

    Pitr Strait is on point.

    Also, I couldn't hear anything over the bellowing of rude V-Show members who were cavorting around drunk the whole time.

  16. pms  

    Best KCST show I've seen in a while, man. I wanted to paint myself blue and be a shill. Also, when I realized that the venerable Lars Dabney was going to be partially barechested the whole time, I felt the need to join him in barechestedness. It's what friends do.

    VShow and KCST = best friends for life.

  17. Impressed  

    What a great semester for Columbia theater. Seriously. The hard work and talent completely trumps the bitchy Bwog commenters.
    Also, since when is being drunk and debaucherous at a midnight KCST show NOT completely normal? Cast members were admittedly stoned out of the gourds. Any disruption that happened offstage was also happening onstage to some degree ("Wow. Check out those two making out. What? Shakespeare?).

  18. bawd  

    The KCST show is on point! Funny, sexy and well-cast. All the kids should go.

  19. KCST Review  

    Nina Bell is hot

  20. PLEASE  


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