Food and Beats at Barnard!

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tgsdBwog is regretting having left its camera at home, because there’s quite a spectacle in front of Lehman Library: DJ Tanner, in all his glory, rapping for a small audience of Barnardites and friends as they nosh on a picnic banquet. We think their set’s finished, but more music is lined up, and you shouldn’t miss the food! Kosher options, as always, are provided.

Update, 12:45: OK, the new band is not so good. But we think they’ll be done soon.  

Update, 1:15: OMG the next band is covering Rent songs. Kill me now.

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  1. haha  

    did anyone else think "DJ Tanner...man I love Full House!"

  2. uh...  

    i think that's the point

  3. is there still  

    free food?

  4. hey  

    I liked the second band!

  5. umm?  

    did this turn into a live bwog at some point?

  6. hah.  

    the band that played around 1 o'clock was vomit inducing (they sang something like "take me oooUUUtt tonight"). the last band of the event was pretty good, though.

  7. how  

    is there a 1:15p update at 12:55p?

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