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  1. X.J.  

    Stephanie Quan's article is one of the best things I've ever seen in a campus humor publication, Columbian or otherwise. This issue has a really good percentage of genuinely funny articles. Keep up the good work Fed!

  2. re: ew  

    circumcision is disgusting. the following episode of bullshit elaborates:


  3. heh heh  

    Circumcision is awesome. Like this story:

    ...Also very graphic, but hey, it's medicine! I'm warning you...don't eat while reading this...

  4. Feddie  

    Due to some technical difficulties, the previous issue was distributed but not updated online. We did an April Fool's with a fake Spectator:


    ...as well as a fake Spectator editorial page:


    Of course, you may have seen this around campus and read it physically (print media's not dead, is it?)

    • print media  

      should be killed.
      youve already got all of the stuff on the web and everyone who reads your paper has net access. why waste the paper?

      • Physical papers  

        ...are just sexier. It's the difference between going to a movie and downloading it, buying a CD and flipping through the artwork as opposed to downloading it. It's the experience more than the convenience, and everything electronic just seems more disposable. Plus, with so much information online print media gains a certain validity - someone has considered a piece of writing important to the point where they want it recreated on paper. It's worth printing and giving to people.

        Plus some people find sitting in front of a computer all day a little depressing.

      • Hey #6  

        I wrote that quickspec response. Quit stealing my shtick. The print version of the Fed has caused me many a hearty laugh whilst seated atop the shitter. That's redeeming value enough.

    • God, that was bad

      That was some shitty fucking work, guys. I mean you're making jokes about last year's spectator. The Fed was castrated by all the racist cartoon shit, you guys don't have the balls to do anything really offensive anymore. So why the fuck bother?

      • print media?  

        sure it has its advantages but c'mon you entirely neglected the environmental benefits of phasing out print media. its convenient or appealing to do lots of things, but actions like continuing to use print media when there are very good substitutes is something we'll regret down the road.
        fittingly, my human verification test color is green

  5. why stop  

    why stop there?

    i call for the phasing out of toilet paper.

    there are perfectly adequate alternatives. so let's put an end to the massive waste that is toilet paper.

    and my captcha color is green too.

    • yup  

      toilet paper can also go.
      there was an article in the times about a couple in manhattan living a lifestyle that would leave no environmental footprint at all (yes, including no TP), or trying anyway. their changes were drastic and huge, but if everyone adopted one or two things they did...imagine how much better off we'd be

  6. Jester  

    Jester is infinitely times better than the Fed. This "alternative paper" isn't fit to wipe my ass.

  7. The  

    real puzzler is why the Fed is given a sweet room in the SGO whereas Jester has no space for themselves. If they awarded space based on humor, the Fed would have already gotten their eviction notice.

    • You must be kidding  

      The Jester is absolutely terrible. They like to pretend to be post-modern, as if they're 'beyond humor,' when really it's just an excuse for not having anything funny to say. I've yet to read one funny or even coherent article in the Jester.

      • I dunno  

        Read the latest issue from their website. Some of it is hilarious. Every once in a while a Fed article will have something funny, but more often than not the Fed consists of funny ideas that are ultimately disappointing due to unfunny writers. Jester has better execution.

      • Jester  

        doesn't know and doesn't care what the fuck post-modernism is. They write funny words on paper and then other people read them.

        Also, Jester pieces are not "articles" like the Fed's are. Perhaps that is where you are going wrong.

    • Bredin  

      One of the reasons The Fed deserves an office is because there's actually quite a strong social aspect at the paper. We make a point to foster a sense of community, which is missing from a lot of publications, unless you're working right at the top. The real question is why the other publications (or even some of the other student groups) don't have offices, because there's certainly room in Lerner. At one point the idea was floating about to create a communal publications lab, which many publications could use, but we have nothing on that scale currently.

      Oh, and how drab would Lerner 5 be without us?

  8. Jester Person  

    Jester and Fed are actually pretty friendly with each other.

  9. arg

    The Fed hearts The Jester

    I don't know why that didn't work the first three times I tried it.

  10. alexw  

    Jester and the Fed are friends. Chas Carey was even involved in the Banquet in Honor of the King of Spain.

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