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jhg Morningside Heights has a shining new addition in the coffee shop/bakery/café department! We’ve been eagerly anticipating the opening of Artopolis, a popular Greek bakery based in Astoria, on Amsterdam between 113th and 114th. It’s not officially in business yet, but if you happen to be walking by, their doors are open and you can take a peek. They’ve started putting out some of their delectable treats for display in the cases, and everything looks amazing: Greek cookies and baklava, plus decadent cakes, tarts and gelato imported from Italy. The menus are already up on the walls; they’ll be serving gourmet coffee, cappuccino, espresso and Mighty Leaf tea, plus sweet and savory crepes. Once it’s open there will be table service, but you can also get food to go. It might be a little pricy, but this is high-end stuff. They should be open for a couple of hours tomorrow, starting around eleven–the friendly Greek guys that work there say it’s been hard to get started, and they’re not sure when it will be officially open. For now, free samples!

– Downing Bray

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  1. downing  

    your writing is sorta mediocre, but your name is cool.

  2. OMG  

    this place is amazing!

  3. ...  

    why are they putting out food when its not even open?

    • maybe....  

      im sure there are plenty of things that dont need to be made daily...so theyre probably making those things and setting up their displays? any bakers or bakers kids have any idea?

  4. rnt  

    probably just a practice run.

    it would be stupid to try everything for the first time on the first day.

    eg, the typical airport terminal requires 6 months of testing, with flights arriving and departing, before it actually opens.

  5. Athenian

    Will I be able to get a side of nubile young man-child with my strawberry shortcake?

  6. Assapopoulos  

    everything greek is everything good. greece is the basis for western culture, the best culture. look at the names on butler.

  7. Xerxes III  

    Will Persians be served?

  8. I spat in

    I spat in your spanikopita

  9. keith randdow  

    do they have cocaine?

  10. yoooo  

    they're opening Wednesday. And the cookies are delicious (esp the powdered nutty one)

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