1. AGAIN  


  2. anyone  

    know why theres a mariachi band playing outside?
    i cant be bothered to go look myself

  3. no way.

    no way. can bwog elaborate at all on this?

  4. its ok!  

    she was a level 2 security threat and he was just padding her down to make sure she wasnt armed. david saves the motherfucking day

  5. oh  

    is that august 6 or june 8? why cant we just be like everyone else and go date/month/year?

  6. WHAT THE  


  7. Hmmm  

    Why, yes, the woman in the foreground does look rather surprised but I don't know why this photo has aroused such feelings of HOLY SHIT THERE'S DAVID HELFAND GETTING HIS FREAK ON LIKE HE WAS AN EXTRA IN ONE OF THOSE MISSY ELLIOT VIDEOS CIRCA THE LATE 1990S IN HER GOLDEN PHASE.

  8. it's helfand  

    grinding or something on a girl (student?)

  9. You're all wrong!

    He's giving her the Heimlich Maneuver! What a mensch!

  10. hey i have an idea!  

    everyone come up with a caption.
    best one wins my adoration.

  11. Contestant 1  

    Shake that microscope like it's hot.

  12. correction  

    I meant telescope...

  13. pluto  

    best. post. ever.

  14. hmm  

    baby, my telescope is about to probe your back hole...err BLACK hole...

  15. contestant  

    helfand:dont mind me, im just chewing on your shoulder
    everyone else: omg that man is eating her shoulder!

  16. FOR THE LOVE  

    of all that is good....WE NEED AN EXPLANATION. This is by far the greatest photograph ever taken. So much to contemplate! Please bwog and anonymous tipster...EXPLAIN THIS!

  17. I just  

    google image searched David Helfand and this gem came up.

  18. somebody should

    set a YTMND of this to that "Frontiers of Science" song and then send it to Bwog.

  19. ytmnd?  

    sorry im not up on my acronyms?
    and am stupid...

  20. Insert

    [Insert GS creep joke here]


    WHAT THE HELL. Please let that be a Photoshop.

  22. oh man  

    this is why i love you, bwog

  23. Caption  

    Frontiers of Freaky

  24. Marxist

    Does the shocked woman in the foreground remind anyone else of Margaret Dumont?


  25. also  

    he seems completely overdressed for the occassion. i would have expected him in some hipster casual clothing.

  26. Just wondering

    If I told Helfand he had a beautiful body, would he hold it against me?

  27. research  

    The photo was taken during a party in conjunction with the 208th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Calgary in June of 2006. The bar is some place called Ilyxor, close to the hotel where part of the conference was being held. Evidence suggests that it was after midnight on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning, and that David's dance partner is a third-year PhD student in astronomy at a major west coast university.

    Quiver, ye internauts, at the power that doth flow from the fingertips of The Stalker.

  28. nice photoshop  

    in case it wasnt obvious...

    beyond the out-of-place suit and how weirdly short helfand looks, if you zoom in on the beard/shoulder interaction its not that hard to tell this is photoshopped. he's straightforwardly behind her except by the arm where he's in front, and there's what looks like some use of the blur tool near his beard - the shirt blue extends out to the left too far.

    but it was nicely done, and its hilarious.

  29. .........  

    i.....can't express how upsetting that photo is.

    my brain can't compute.....

    so.... unsettling.

  30. Sprinkles  

    Best of Bwog. I doff my cap to thee.

  31. rofl  

    im in ur parteez
    chewin on ur students

  32. you people  

    are retarded
    hoaxes? photoshopping? what?
    he was some nerd conference, was having a good time with what is obviously a group of equally nerdy people, probably had a drink or two, and was just playing around.
    thats all there is to it. its funny. laugh. enjoy it. thats all

  33. wow  

    that crazed look in his eyes in the original photo gets me every time.

  34. oh geez  

    i wonder what is wifey will say..

  35. Lookie  

    Look at the people on the left, the expressions on their faces - of course this is real.


  36. photoshop expert  

    You're all morons! It's hand drawn. Anyone who's spent the least bit of time with Photoshop can tell you that this was clearly done with the Helfand brush (introduced in Photoshop CS2). He wasn't even in any of the actual pictures.

    Nice try hoaxters!

  37. bahaha  

    That girl is kinda hot too. What the fuck is she doing with him?

    Although to be fair it does look like he mobbed her

  38. this rules  


  39. threadjack

    Columbia beats Penn to advance to NCAA Tennis Championships!

    Why no love for the serve-and-volley set?

  40. facebook

    David Helfand: Man or SEX MACHINE?

  41. hmm  

    There's got to be a "Back of the Envelope" calculation joke in here somewhere.

  42. Here:  

    He's all up in the back of HER envelope!

  43. holy shit helfand  

    who knew that guy was such a sex machine

  44. frontiersdropout  

    i guess her front is unfit for science. and by science i mean egregious boning.

  45. shit  

    Oh... my science

  46. oh hay  

    ~*~legendary~*~ post

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