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Want to get more involved with The Blue and White or Bwog? We’re hiring!  See application details for Graphics Editor and Summer Bwog Editors after the jump.



Graphics Editor (1)

The job: Attend editors meetings (one hour once a week), coordinate assignments between editors and artists, scan all art, be available during lay-out weekend once a month to draw last-minute things, and finally, be willing to manage people, contribute consistently, and care about the future of The Blue and White.

The application: E-mail us to let you know you’re applying, fill out the application below (compiled by our current graphics editor, Rachel Lindsay), and submit some samples of your artwork. Taylor will be in the SGO (5th floor of Lerner) on Monday, May 7 from 2:00 pm-5:00, at which point you can bring your application form and portfolio and talk about the job with her. If this time doesn’t work for you, let us know and we can come up with an alternative time to talk. 

Summer Bwog Editors (multiple)

The job: Troll around for Columbia-related things and provide one post per week over the summer. Must have excellent writing skills and a prodigious wit. We especially need people who’ll be on campus or elsewhere in the city! 

The application: Send us no more than 500 words on what Bwog has done well, where we’ve fucked up, and 10 post ideas for the summer by midnight on Monday, May 7. Looking forward to hearing from you!

W   A   N    T    E   D

Blue & White Graphics Editor

Because I (Rachel) am going abroad for the fall. 

[The Blue and White is a publication based in equity, democracy, and the true sanctity of higher education so help us alma mater] 

Applicant Name: ____________________________________________ Year: ____ 

Mental Health: Good ___ Bad ____ Average ____ Columbia Style ____ 

Publications (campus/out in the world) you have illustrated for:


Issues of The Blue and White you have illustrated for (if you recall; if you have images/article names please provide)/ or other relevant involvement in the organization: ______________________________

How would you describe your ability to critically illustrate abstract concepts?



  1. How would you  

    define "Troll"?

  2. Question  

    I don't work for less than $30/hr. What's the pay like?

  3. not kulawik  

    are all political sensibilities tolerated, or only hipster progressive ones?

  4. do you  

    have to be an art history major too?

  5. Sorry

    I-Banking internship, $35/hour plus bonus.

  6. An artist  

    Why don't you just promote one of your current artists, or keep the application process within your staff? It seems a little obnoxious to take it outside and petition the whole bwog community. You should give your artists a little more autonomy.

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