Suddenly Surgam

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It’s that time of year – when the members of Philo quit jabbering and actually write something down. Surgam, the result of their efforts, gets the (very) quick treatment, below (all links head to the same PDF).

Best of the Bad Poetry Contest (pp. 4 – 12)

Half of a Story Called “Hooke’s Law”: The Only New Thing in the Magazine (p. 12)

UPDATE: You can find the first half of the aforementioned story in an earlier issue of Philo’s magazine.

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  1. rmod

    this is the second issue of the year. the first issue had original works. gonna see if I can dig that up.

  2. actually

    it's the second third of the story. there will be a third third.

  3. A THIRD?  

    Bwog fails.

    Some of this stuff is pretty funny. When was this event?

  4. alex  

    I wonder if the authors would like some credit, instead of you kids looking at the crying "exams" and pretending like you have some real work to do. You seem to really hate the Fed and Philolexian, because you're too damn cool.

  5. Philo  

    is great, but the fed quite simply blows (well, it's better this year). But don't equate the two.

  6. maybe you  

    are the one who blows

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