1. Inspiration  

    Had a rough night. Had to keep working. 6 am. About to give up on it all.

    Then I thought, "Fruit Paunch, who I saw last evening at 8pm, are still doing improv."

    Yay for Fruit Paunch!

  2. they're  

    still funny after 21 hours. Incredible.

  3. the thing is...  

    caitlin shure only has one character...only one

  4. addison  

    addison anderson rocks.

  5. yeah  

    fruit paunch rocks!

    though i miss the days of grace, paul and jordan

  6. yep  

    Yeah, i miss them too.

  7. sheeyit  

    damn freshmen don't get our references. huzzah cafe taci!

  8. fucking  

    amazing. they are so damn funny. And I disagree with the Shure comment, and I completely agree with the anderson comment.

  9. weak!  

    petting zoo > fruit paunch

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