1. alas  

    ...and cue the immature freshmen randomly screaming in the south lawn area for the next 30 minutes or so... i don't think they understand it isn't an extended thing

  2. I sound  

    my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.

  3. it's  

    fun when you're slightly off-campus and on a top floor. ahh, the music.

  4. fifimcfee  

    echoing the sentiments of "alas"...the rest of us kind of need to study. if you on the lawn have an exam *that bad* tomorrow (or soon), shouldn't you be studying too?

    (...I say as I read bwog...hypocrite)

  5. interesting  

    i heard the first scream at 11:59, according to my clock.

  6. loneliness  

    bring back the belle jar!

  7. ...  

    you should edit the wiki page then. isn't that kind of obvious?

  8. nope  

    i'll settle with commenting here.

  9. WikiCU  

    how widely used/read is wikicu? I feel like it's only used by a small number of students, which is too bad.

  10. i  

    use it! i love it! i mate with it!

  11. -me-  

    i've used it a little, but i feel like it needs to be built up more before it's worth my while.

  12. extending screaming  

    wasn't first years - i'm pretty sure it was the pillow fight.

    20 mins of screaming isn't as bad as orgo night, anyhow. screaming < bass drum insanity

  13. Elna

    Yeah, I second. Bring back Belle Jar! Why is she on permanent hiatus?

  14. If you  

    bring back the belle jar, I will stay off of bwog forever

  15. it was  

    one of the more distressing times in my life to be falling asleep (early morning practice) without knowing the time, and suddenly the whole campus starts screaming. it took me a few seconds to remember...and needless to say i joined in.

  16. i slept early,  

    at around 10, and i was afraid the screams would wake me up (i live in john jay). luckily i slept like a baby through them.

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