1. What I want to know  

    is who leaked the info about the EC study break? ALL CAKE IS MINE

    • DHI  

      I'll tell you who it wasn't, it wasn't me. Now it's gonna take fucking forever to get through.

      I highly reccomend being worried about caloriessugarcarbs and all that bullshit and fattransfatsatfatcholesterol

  2. ttan  

    "Leaked"? I only, umm, emailed the entire building.

  3. nice  

    The gal in the 3rd picture of the first link is kind of hot...

  4. ttan  

    Just come. 1 hour and 15 minutes. There will be cake. And pies.

  5. don't forget

    to pause in mid fight at precisely midnight and unlease a PRIMAL SCREAM.

  6. There  

    Is no reason one cannot scream and beat someone with a pillow at the same time.

  7. i think  

    primal scream is a lame tradition, though if you feel it necessary, by all mean scream primally.

    • it's  

      also done at like every school. d

      also, did you know that a girl was once murdered during primal scream but no one noticed because everyone else was screaming. true story.

  8. the story is true

    may 2000. the girl that got killed in ruggles.

    • mlp  

      The Ruggles killing happened in February, so not during finals, and there is no mention of primal scream in the nytimes story. What exactly were you trying to prove? No one claimed that the murder in Ruggles never happened.

  9. Ah!  

    Gotcha. I thought 19 was replying to 18. Silly me.

  10. have  

    we lost all focus on this thread! this is about hitting people with pillows filled with fluffy, soft goose feathers (or nickels if you want to do some real damage!)

    i want live coverage from bwog during the event!

  11. the Man  

    wait, Ruggles murder? How have I been here for 4 years and never heard of this?

  12. JWeg  

    The pillow fight was really fun. Thanks guy!

  13. I heard  

    that the holocaust happened during the Primal Scream

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