2. Grumpy  

    Goddamn kids, get off my lawn!

  3. Why?  

    What other universities in this country serve as playgrounds for non-students?

    • why not?  

      Most universities do this kind of thing... it is a service to the community.

      what's the big deal?

      • pro-sports guy

        Don't you understand? Columbians shouldn't care about Lou Gehrig's disease, because it's named after a 'dumb jock' who 'never should have been admitted'

        • mike  

          yeah, you're right. If Columbia didn't lower academic standards for athletes, we never would have gotten all those famous Columbia athletes that glorified Columbia like Lou Gehrig, or...


          Matthew Fox?

        • No, he was  

          a "smart jock" who "won games" and "made something of himself", things the rest of you haven't been able to do since about the time he left. Ungrateful athletic charity cases.

  4. how  

    how very morbid.

  5. sweet  

    is there more to this story, or did the school we attend give our lawn away to high schoolers (albeit for a good cause) on one of the 10 days its available all year

  6. mike  

    What? Not that I have anything against them raising awareness for diseases, albeit in a pretty happy, shiny way, but what are they doing here? They came all the way from Long Island to plant some pinwheels in the Columbia lawn? Why Columbia? I guess because of Lou Gherig, but... really?

  7. Anonymous  

    the reason that columbia is letting a bunch of high schoolers play on the lawn is because there's some kind of marathon or otherwise very long run that's ending at the sundial in honor of the same cause.

  8. Sprinkles  

    Specifically, the race has a lot of people in wheelchairs, and they started at Montauk and are ending at Columbia.

  9. what  

    did the race planners watch eternal sunshine of the spotless mind the night before they planned the race?

    still, it's really cool to see; they're lucky it's sunny out.

  10. I think  

    it's really pretty; absolutely gorgeous

  11. a race  

    from montauk to columbia. that's intense and awesome.

  12. ahhh  

    i can see the sparkliness from my room.

  13. it's easy  

    to imagine why Columbia was ok with this, considering Lou Gehrig is one of our more famous alums..

  14. wirc  



  15. ...  

    what the fuck are you kids doing on my fucking lawn!!

  16. ...  

    So, I'm shocked by all the people who stole pinwheels from the displays. I hope that they realize that the shiny objects that they're enjoying represent DEAD PEOPLE. Shame, shame on you.

    • you

      would be even more shocked by all the HOTT dates i score at the morgue then. You know what they say: if her breath is spent, you don't need consent!

    • body-stealer  

      well, when i took a pinwheel, a maintenance guy was throwing all the pinwheels/representations-of-dead-people haphazardly into a box. FOR SHAME, maintenance man, for disrespecting the metaphorical bodies of the dead!


  17. im too cool

    To care about Amyotrophyic Lateral Sclerosis. Where are my bong and my free mp3s? Why is it called Lou Gehrig's Disease, anyway? Don't non-white non-athletes get it?


  18. also  

    dean rosenfeld of the public health school is currently sick with ALS, so this was organized with him specifically, as ALS is close to Columbia's heart... he's amazing!

  19. al gore  

    when i saw the pinwheels my first thought was that they were a plea for a global warming initiatives to become more like the netherlands. they could harvest lots of energy, even though they are wee.

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