Pillow Fight Midnight Madness

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At the sound of midnight’s Primal Scream, dozens of students broke out into a veritable Bacchic frenzy on South Lawn.


More photos after the jump… 

One fighter rolled his pillowcase up like a towel-whip and snapped it at people’s behinds. Another strong, beautiful, Barnard woman took her pillow to a glasses-beset CC male, and then continued to whack the fellow onto the floor and into the fetal position. “Something just clicked in my head,” she said. Nervous unarmed bystanders overlooked the madness from the sidelines, as Nina Bell, the pillow fight’s mastermind looked on triumphantly from the sundial, cigarette in hand.


Ah, the thunderous boom of pillow hitting skull!


Bwog has no idea whose limbs those are… 



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    more pictures! more pictures! Way to go Nina Bell! Organizer of amazing Columbia tradition!

  2. Nina Bell is  

    absolutely wonderful

    • DHI  

      Agreed. Nina Bell is amazing. I showed my appreciation by hitting her in the face a few times.

      Word to Pitr Strait though, the man stayed in the entire fight, and was still kicking ass.

      All you pussies who left early or came late should be ashamed.

  3. Overheard  

    a senior passerby at the pillow fight:

    "Columbia's so fucked up"

  4. Anonymous  

    Also overheard at the pillowfight:
    "To Butler! TO BUTLER!"
    "This is SPARTAAA!"

  5. RAAAR!  

    Pillow fight was SO PHENOMENAL!

    Had a long lasting minty flavor, too.

    Favorite part was the massive cuddlefest on the ground afterwards. Yum.

  6. My pillow  

    had rocks in it.

  7. yow  

    Pitr Strait went Super Saiyan and kicked everyone's asses.

  8. I heard  

    someone put a folding chair into a pillow case.

  9. Well, I heard  

    someone put TWO folding chairs into a pillow case.

  10. Pablo Stump  

    I heard someone blew their load on the pillows during a BJ months in advance...

  11. figures  

    leave it to statman to have the classiest pillow.

  12. wow...

    the guy in the green in the third picture has one hell of a pit stain!

  13. ouch  

    my head hurts. really bad.

  14. Man  

    Coming back to Butler after pillow fighting is a real downer.

  15. Just askin...  

    Who would steal 30 bag lunches?

  16. Miles Davis  

    It was that damn Sasquatch.

  17. whooooops  


    although a great deal of his victims were, admittedly, king's crown members....

  18. I heard  

    Pitr Strait used a Stim Pack to fire faster.

  19. hairs  

    omg, cutest picture of alex statman EVER!

  20. It was cool...  

    But don't miss the next Union Square pillow fight. It's gigantic (like 10-15x as many people), amicable (almost completely) and there are feathers EVERYWHERE.

  21. Eh...  

    You know he'll just kick your ass.

  22. hi bwog  

    I know this is TOTALLY unrelated...

    I've been wanting for a while to have my Columbia email in my Gmail account.

    How do people do this? Could we have a Bwog guide?

  23. wow  

    bwog is awesome :)

  24. collegiate

    pillow fight? where are the topless sorority girls?

  25. it makes me happy  

    that people quoted 300. haha.

  26. tao tan

    put blackberries in his pillow.

  27. ...  

    these pictures suck bwog! looks like you used a shitty point and shoot digital camera. Bwog rocks and all but you guys need to improve your photo department..

  28. fyi  

    Pit Stains courtesy of Paul Stamm

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