1. read  

    reactions to the latest Ad Hoc at The Columns:

  2. Ad Hoc  

    = 20 page Alex Jung column

  3. Wow

    Wow, so boring I'm going back to doing mu fuckin' paper... so actually, thanks Ad Hoc!

  4. this is unrelated  

    but...Is the Spec putting out a photo/lit magazine this semester? I haven't seen any info about it.

    • yes  

      Email poetry/prose/photos to [email protected] by tomorrow if you're interested. Distribution is later this week.

  5. damn  

    I would totally join "A Coalition Against the Iraq War Protests on Campus". Who's with me??!?!

  6. ...  

    Agreed, Ad Hoc is very boring.

    The articles just whine and complain about irrelevant minor crap. To Ad Hoc: STFU.

  7. I can  

    think of so many better uses for their funding.

  8. ovary harvesting?  

    you know what is even worse? kidney harvesting. this friend of my friend went out to a bar and met some chick and then they went home and had sex. then later that night he woke up in a bath of ice and was missing one of his kidneys.

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