1. gulati  

    I don't know anything about his politics but most columbia econ profs are probably to the right of sarkozy, who would probably still be a socialist by US standards.

  2. Being French,  

    Sarkozy is more likely to treat Gulati like shit for being South Asian/colored/unfit for self-government & Western freedom

    • b.s.  

      you know little about sarkozy, then. he's the son of an immigrant himself, and offered public funds for the building of mosques in france, which caused quite a kerfluffle on the right. he just doesn't like scum who run around burning cars and shit in the banlieux.

      in other words, he's giuliani, not david duke.

      • so happy

        "kerfluffle" is now my new favorite word

      • Sarkozy  

        was the son of a Hungarian immigrant, not an Asian or African one, which means he fit in fine with mainstream society. He is also Catholic.

        He advocated financing mosques so that they wouldn't rely on external funds, which I think is a sign of maintaining control over them and discouraging radical elements from emerging.

        That doesn't change the disgusting prejudice rampant in France against non-Westerners & non-Christians.

        • but  

          the prejudice in question isn't france's, it's sarkozy's.

          there's also widespread anti-immigration sentiment in france against eastern europeans (heard of the "polish plumber" incident?), so sarkozy has dealt with a lot of the same issues.

          as for the mosques: if he had advocated withholding public funds from them, he would have been pilloried for racism too. but any change to the radically secular status quo in france will probably be seen by french muslims as a good thing. I mean, the state embracing them in the name of unity? god forbid the tradeoff is having to reject those saudi funds which come with a the usual catch of wahabbist influence.

          sarko's all about inclusion, as long as one embraces france. that's why his motto is "ensemble, tout devient possible". ethnicity and religion are not problems in his france, but gangbangers and islamists better watch out.

      • sarkozy  

        is the son of a hungarian immigrant.
        i assure you i know about sarkozy and about france and that france treats immigrants from allahabad a little differently than they do those from hungary

      • John  

        If you were qualified to comment, this would be your spelling: banlieues. Your attempt at pretention betrays you!

        Note also that Rudy locked up all the black people he had problems with; corrections, meet coercion. That is Sarko's game, too. Kill the schools, fill the jails, and expel whomever can be expelled. Sort of like America's favorite immigrant-politician. It's possible that he's on to something, but when the French say, "Sarko facho," they're not kidding.

      • DHI  

        Is Giuliani really someone you want holding Presidential power?

  3. Suck my  

    Gulati is uber liberal, probably left of Gravel

  4. ...uh  

    Mr Manley Cottingshire should submit an image of himself with dubya.



    er...maybe i should be up there, too.

  5. yikes  

    what an unflattering picture of gulati

  6. oh well  

    THe presidential election in france is important, but more importantly, when will the paper version of the Blue and White come out

  7. Alum

    I clicked on the comments to see what people had to say about the resemblence between Sarkozy and Gulati, and instead I see a debate about the Giuliani campaign. The last comment that was actually about the post was #8. How did that happen? Have attention spans whithered away since I graduated in the '80s?

  8. everything  

    tagged sunil gulati in bwog's archives is pretty good fodder for procrastination plus its way better than studying for his final

  9. whatever  

    happened to la pen. that guy had the right idea about a lot of things and was a str8 baller.

  10. quoi ?

    how is this even a comparison? Have you seen sarko's eyes? They've sunken so far into hell...

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