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Finals are officially over.  You are done, done and done — even those of you in Intro to Accounting & Finance, Jazz Improvisation, and one section of General Physics II (the only Thursday 7-10 exams).  

Congrats.  Go do something really fun.

UPDATE: Some SEAS finals tomorrow? Bwog is doubly sorry.



  1. Prolific Commenter  

    What! There won't be a Lit Hum exam in the fall???

  2. umm  

    I know someone with a final at noon tomorrow...

  3. bah  

    I have to write a paper tonight. A 15 pager, too, so not ridiculous, but not something I can just bang out in two hours.

    • bahahaha  

      Poor baby. And when exactly was this paper assigned? How long did you have to do it? Could you have done it months ago and been partying with the rest of us tonight?
      Yeah, I thought so.

      • huh?  

        partying with the rest of us?
        umm if your partying involves bwog commenting, i feel better because apparently im not missing much at all...
        (no offense bwog, commenting on you is fun, but when i go out i have fun in a somewhat different manner)

  4. maaaan  

    i'm still writin a paper

  5. school's  

    out for summer. school's out for ever.

  6. ...

    look at alice cooper!

  7. off topic

    Alright... I know this is random, but this has been shaking up the west coast. There's going to be a crazy way that the God of the New Testament Bible is going to rock California... soon... specifically the college campuses... especially UCLA. God's been giving alot of true followers of Christ (not just mere hypocritical Christians) prophecies of a huge earthquake-esque event... whether it be metaphorically or actual, I don't know.... take note and keep watch. But it's going to be good. If you're a fellow believer, pray for them.

  8. guy

    I've had two classes with the mao suit guy, his name's mike, and hes fuckin classic, no, vlassic. the guys sweet

  9. portfolios  

    Also some of us have portfolio's due for our writing classes. Not the most daunting task, but a task nonetheless.

  10. wow

    thanks, guy! if you hadn't said anything, those of us that God doesn't want to talk to would never have known.

  11. wait

    does the mao suit guy have a british-y accent? and is this alleged suit grey? just trying to see who we're talking about here...

  12. Writing Classes?  

    Ask for a refund if they let you write "portfolio's."

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